Summary 1-10. The largest junk twitter botnet

The true story

For the pure experiment, our team creates a new account the sarcastic cashout trainer @investjtravolta with social media skeptic content. For the experiment, we bought 6500 followers from the Fiverr seller Bruchlay. Costs were as low as $5 and processing fee. Now Bruchlay deletes his account.

Three days after purchase, the followers number skyrocketing to 6500 mark. According to STAQ methodology, 94% are non-active primitive bots-followers. The facts about different sorts of bots can be found in chapter 4. Obviously, these fakes follow not only @InvestJTravolta. For every bot, we downloaded the set of its friends and then build bot`s social graph.

We found different twitter accounts, many sites and a lot of gigs on where anyone can buy bots. If you are not close to industry and you want to grow your followers count, you probably will get it from this botnet.

We estimate this botnet in 15,000,000 twitter accounts.This is not a single botnet, it is the complex network with several centers that receive and distribute orders. This is the largest non-dedicated botnet in Twitter. In addition, we found 3,000,000 twitter bot accountsfrom other botnets.

That is an evidence, that among active Twitter users are 18,000,000 bots.

This is not just a figure, all of them are known by name and ID. Whole New York where an every citizen in offices, cars, parks, and the subway is full of dummies.

The 7 botnet facts

1,300,000 have no location, description, followers, tweets at all.

3,090,000 have no followers.

4,390,000 have no tweets.

9,450,000 accounts have less or equal 10 tweets.

10,100,000 have no description.

10,240,000 bots have 20 times friends more than followers.

13,630,000 bots have 5 times friends more than followers. There are definitely dead bots for just following.

The lowest price for 1M followers is about $ 400. The US part of botnet associated with @InvestJTravolta has total about 100M followers, it cost in wholesale minimum $ 40,000. In retail, it would cost about $ 100,000. Count of the fake followers sold worldwide is more than 1 billion combined. That means, accumulated earnings of the botnet is more $1,000,000 (for clients "account with more 90% bot-followers").

Top 7 accounts

With more than 90% primitive bots among followers.The screenshots.

1. Angel Rivera @Angelluisr (Verified)

2. Rick Rosner @dumbassgenius (sad, but true).

3. Filippa Linrooos @FilippaLinrooos (It is a bot)

4. David Copperfield @D_copperfield (Verified)

5. King James @LeBronJames (The parody account)

6. Alejandro Vigilante @VigilanteArtist

7. DR JAMES CABOT @DRJAMESCABOT (it is a pro-Trump cyborg)

You can read more about top 7 accounts in chapter Chapter 5. 7 wonders of Twitter If you want more accounts with more 1,000,000 bot-followers. We have the story about 23 accounts, which can cause depression, mentaldisorderand temporary memory loss.Chapter 6. The vanity fear. Read only people not suffering from phobias and panic attacks, resistant to hard stress.

All of them are members of Twitter Top 1000. The next 23 accounts in top-100 bot buyers have more than 1,000,000 followers. Some of those accounts have less than 10 tweets. One of them sells bots for all kind of social media, read about its price comparison with in chapter 7.

Among top-100 bot buyers, we found accounts related with celebrities, mass media, advertising, social media, and political PACs.

The only bot buyer told about it, is stand-up comic Joe Mande with 1,000,000 fake followers. We analyzed his audience and concluded, it is the same botnet. Chapter 8. The 1 million stand-up bots

The sad answers

1. There is 15M botnet of fake followers in Twitter for thousand buyers.

2. The estimation of the open market of fake followers in Twitter is more $1M and 1 billion in the count of sales.

3. This is the largest non-dedicated botnet in Twitter. According to context analysis, those bots have trash sense graph.