Fake oil or snake news? Anomalies

Publishing anomalies

The complete absence of its own original content, only the stolen articles or pieces, copied from today`s mainstream media. Ads have more visual space than content on the page.

Viralgonzo has four different brands for the domain, site, FB page and editorial. Four domains have its clones. Other four sites have its brand clones on four new domains, registered in the same day.

The article on clone-site with no external links on FB and home page get the same number of likes, that the article on the original site.

Misleading site navigation. Unreachable points of the menu. Disappearing the dates and authors of publications. Some sites have no sharing buttons.

Two sites now are lists of the android emulators instead of political content.

Audience behavior anomalies

The most recent article on the site can get 186,400 shares on FB according to the info on the page, and the site has stopped upload news articles.

Clone sites on the new domains have inflated all links on FB to the articles, but it has no affect to sharing activity and traffic. The single article can get more 4,4 shares, that whole site at all.

The same audience on all 19 sites and FB pages. The same links are repeatedly shared on FB.But it has no cross-linking for promotion inside the web page.

The single article can have the number of shares several times higher than all pageviews in this time. All FB pages posts link to all sites, but the sites have no links to each other.

Examples of ads on Fiverr.com

Adsense traffic http://archive.is/Nd6N8

Facebook traffic http://archive.is/7a9OW

Facebook comments http://archive.is/F0qAI

Red (on January).

  1. http://americanjournalreview.com/
  2. http://amjoreview.com/
  1. http://usjournalreview.com/
  1. http://redrocktribune.com/
  2. http://redrockdaily.com/
  3. http://rrtribune.com/
  1. http://dailypresser.com/
  2. http://dailypresser.net/
  1. http://politicalears.com/
  2. http://familyfaithnews.com/
  1. http://redstatepundit.com/
  2. http://viralgonzo.com/
  1. http://dailyinsidernews.com/


  1. http://westernsentinel.com/
  2. http://westsentinel.com/
  1. http://bignuggetnews.com/

Dark Blue

  1. http://freepatriotpost.com/
  2. http://freepatpost.com/


  1. http://extremelynewsworthy.com/

Now the site from Terry`s portfolio looks like Chinese radio.

The publisher mistakes on Terry`s sites.

How owner worried about the audience of these sites can be understood by looking at a distorted picture of Sergeant Higgs on the main page. This is is a clear sign of automatic content posting system without visual checking by the site editor or somebody else.

Misleading site navigation, menu. Unreachable points of menu, because of layouts conflict of site and advertising.

Some sites has dedicated themes, which are abandoned now. For example. “Latest news” shows us the line of code and just 2 comments at may, 2015.

Mistake with automatically uploading the same picture with low resolution on place for big pictures.

The mistake with forgotten picture for preview was not fixed.

“Barry G. Morris” is one of the aliases of Terry Littlepage

Some sites has no sharing buttons on pages with articles. For example, newborn clone has sharing buttons. The site from the portfolio has no social buttons at all.

Numbers of likes without any FB interactions.

25 January all site has the full data about articles.

26 January all sites hide the names of Authors and dates of publications of all articles.

Examples of advertising on Terry`s sites.

The same audience of Terry`s sites according to Alexa

All Terry`s sites has Northern Mariana islands sources of traffic.