Chapter 9. The first Top-100 bot buyers dataset.

The true story

In the previous two chapters, we described the 30 accounts which have bots common with @investjtravolta We will not review all 70 accounts, just 10. Get another batch of good mood.



Very strange account with six invisible tweets.



Who wants to be a fashion star? Just take part in our bot model contest.



What a miracle? It can tweet! We were sure, that guy made two tweets in 2015 and forget about this account.



R.I.P., city girls hater. Perhaps you were a good account.

4 again


Now you can realize the difference between the boat anchor and bot anchor.



We heard about disk-jockeys, but never heard about bot-jockeys.



Kardashians are everywhere! It does not matter that he was just a namesake. What is your favorite Kardashian? We have our own leader.Most of all we would like to see Cancel Kardashian.



Who you are? Maybe, you are brother of @rssaha

Precisely! You retweeted him.

The problem is that we still do not know who is @rssaha.



As you see, buying bots can be a perfect start for social media business carrier.



We declare that everyone can freely buy bots as it is not prohibited (except the Twitter rules). At the same time, everyone has the right to write about it.



Today we are lucky to have verified accounts.

Katherin, why do you need to buy fake followers with such so distinctive and interesting content? And real people don’t know about it. Photos from your Instagram is really amazing. Kick the ass of your Social Media Manager, so that he began to gain a real audience. This should help. We know that you are not only an actress but also were the vice champion of Taekwondo Canada. You see, we are almost your fans. But we really do not want to be among the bots.

The bots facts

1. All top-100 bot buyers are available on request.

2. The number of followers is non-constant. It can be changed for reasons beyond our control. Besides, all these accounts can be deleted or suspended.