Chapter 6. The vanity fear

The true story

We do not stop reviewing Twitter accounts from top 1000. Earlier, In chapter 5, we did it for 7 accounts which bought the same @InvestJtravolta`s bots. Today we add the next part of million-bot-bayers. Attention, the spoiler: all accounts are very boring, but if you have the patience to read to # 23, you’ll see Playboy model.

The previous chapter we finished at number 7. Let's star final countdown!



There are 26 tweets at all. 17 are Kanye West retweets. That is very interesting for almost 3 million people.



Please, tell him about hi-resolution pictures of $100 banknotes pile, and Google apps for domains.



Pure postmodernism: fake followers on verified media account.



It turns out that in this world there are things beyond our understanding. This account is one of them. Just keep reading.



He forgot to add “a bot bayer”.



Just no comments.



On our opinion, he is a popular cosplayer from ComicMafiaCon.



Does she promote charity and monarchy for millions of bots?



She is a lazy retweeter of few puppy and kittens accounts - just a half of thousand tweets.



We think he is looking for people in his account.



Robert Kresson from Pittsburgh is a notable global investigator. We are absolutely sure, that he find those who bought cheap bots for his twitter account. On the other side, we can imagine that every citizen of Pittsburgh, including every chest babies, has 5 twitter accounts and all of it following Kresson.



The heavy rocker for heavy roast coffee. He plays rock for Jesus. Ok.

He starts tour bus for Jesus crowdfunding campaign. How do you think how much money can rise rock “local idol” star with 1.5M fans by 7-month campaign promotion in this super popular twitter? What is your bet $1M or $3M?

The right answer is $50! Not $50,000,000. Just fifty dollar.

We will pray for that bus.


Twitter ID 46996168

We in principle do not publish a link. Our next bot bayer so needs in fame and social recognition, so he finds money for 1.47M followers. He follows 47 accounts, 40 of them are bots which imitate and follow himself.

No mention. Forget Herostratus.



The next verified account. We hope, his career as entertainment impresario will be skyrocketing and he will rent Michigan Stadium for one of his show. To be correct, he will need 13 Michigan Stadiums for his followers. Would you like to see how will look the seats during the performance? Exactly like on this photo from Wikipedia.



Oh, we see in the description the site includes “SocialMedia”. This does not bode well. Wait, dude, we now end this boring list and be sure to get back to you.



Can we have nothing to write about this character? He should thank us that it is not just ID, as the number 19.



Yes, we remember that promised to consider only the English-language accounts. But he's from Miami! Maybe he gave the bots on his birthday?



There's a small mistake in the description of the profile. It’s the largest Foot Bot Account on Social Media.



Oh, Stephanie! Why do you need it? If you are already sleepy by these senseless accounts, better follow the link Stephanie Adams nude. Now you understand why Stephanie is really famous.



The jokes and memes in a million followers. Bots have died from laughter.



Yes. you are not mistaken, it has more tweets than followers. Who can endure such abnormal activity from the friends?



We are even afraid to imagine how this agency promotes its clients.



Why do you have to total just 73K Instagram followers? Do they cost more than Twitter?

The bot`s facts

Really? You still have not enough facts in this article?

The sad questions

1. What is the total number of Twitter accounts with millions of fake followers?

2. What are the reasons for buying the bots, except the thirst of fame?

3. What actions will take Twitter?