Chapter 5. 7 wonders of Twitter

The true story

In the previous article, we promised to make a review of accounts are following by the bots we bought on In the list of many large accounts in which there is spam, today we are not talking about it. We consider only accounts containing more than 90% of bots.

And the number of such accounts is about 850. The number of their followers is from 3 thousand to 5 million. Among the more than two dozen languages present Spanish, Arabic, Turkish, Japanese. However, we chose 100 of the most interesting accounts in English with more than 100,000 followers.

Today we begin our story with the 7 most popular accounts among the part of botnet bought by @InvestJTravolta. All of them have more than 3,5 million and are in Twitter Top 1000. In some of them, the number of bots is 100%. Yes, you read that right. There are mass accounts in which there are no people at all.

The hero of the day and the main buyer for the cheapest bot is …

1. Angel Rivera @Angelluisr Stats on

He calls himself King of Fashion He bought a large number of fans.

“5 Million followers on Twitter, Vera Army as Angel Rivera calls it, composed of fans all over the world. “I love people, I truly do. Getting to know all of them is such an honor. I have fans in so many countries, it’s unbelievable. I am grateful for my supporters and have a responsibility to deliver the best work I can.” - Said Rivera.”

We think, that army more close to this.

2. Rick Rosner @dumbassgenius Stats on

it is a pity that world's 2nd-highest IQ is not enough to buy better bots.

3. Filippa Linrooos @FilippaLinrooos Stats on

This is exactly the bot. Just ordinary fake account with 3.68M followers gets the 843-th place in Twitter Top 1000. Nothing special.

4. David Copperfield @D_copperfield Stats on

5. King James @LeBronJames Stats on

Fake Lebron with fake followers. Who did this? Who needs it?

6. Alejandro Vigilante @VigilanteArtist Stats on

Sorry, Alejandro. Real people more like Campbell`s soup, than your account.


Stats on

In fact, the correct spelling of his name is DR JAMES CA BOT. He is not just heavy metal music writer, he is heavy tweeter writer. 500 tweets per hour - done! We were so intrigued by this bot, so we will make the special chapter for this part of the investigation. It is a rock-star among bots.

Stats of accounts according to

1 Angelluisr

Apparently, buying boats at all the money, Angel decided it was time to sell.

2 dumbassgenius

After growth of 150,000 in 2 weeks, he decided that he had enough.

3 FilippaLinrooos

It makes no sense to comment on something that happens in a bot account.

4 D_Copperfield

It seems that on January 22 ended a magical powder attracted bots.

5 LeBronJames

What would a real LeBron will say about this?

6 VigilanteArtist

Again, we see that the growth of the popularity suddenly ends 21 January. 60,000 in 4 days, and then stagnate for a month?


What happened on February 3?

Note that on February 3 has been the unlucky day for all 7 accounts. On that day, three of them receive a sharp decline in the graph. Another four fall into stagnation after this point.

The bot’s facts

1. In sum, all of these accounts have 27.5M followers. Total count of unique followers is just 9.9M. On average, each reader had to follow 3 of these accounts. It is too large density for such a diverse audience.

2. Two most popular accounts have 2,592,047 common followers. It means, that 65% of the followers of Rick Rosner also likes Angel Rivera.

3. 91,5% of 9,9M accounts have 10 times more friends than followers. This explains the true purpose of this audience.

The sad questions

1. @Support, what really happened on February 3?

2.How many accounts in Twitter Top 1000 are unfair?

3. Which another advertising campaign can make you world famous for just $ 2,000?