Chapter 41. Conservative Papua fighters

The true story

Fake news conquers the world, and now have a strong influence on the information field of third countries. Macedonian reached 88-th rank... in Papua New Guinea.

If fake news site would reach the US Top 100, it would be unexpected, but somehow understandable. But the success of this site in Papua New Guinea can’t be explained by existing hypotheses about the silly, credulous and suggestible people clicking on catchy headlines. Only 1% of the 7.2 million population speaks English as the main language. This is a very poor country with low level of education and urbanization.

Nevertheless, occupies the 88th position in local Alexa ranking, between (87) and (89). It has more Guinean traffic than (91), (94), (97). All of the above sites are in the Global Top 200, according to Alexa ranking. can’t reach even Global Top 100,000.

It is possible to imagine several thousand daily users from Papua New Guinea on CNN or Instagram. But they are visited by users from hundreds of other countries, and the proportion of traffic in the different countries is comparable. Among the five countries with the largest percentage of visitors to, there are 3 major English-speaking countries, it looks plausible. But besides them, there is Papua New Guinea and Switzerland. This is an incredible combination that can hardly be found anywhere else. Perhaps this is the only site where a significant portion of visitors come from the richest and the poorest countries of the world. is a fresh pro-Trump fake news site, the successor of disappeared Macedonian This first time was covered as the fake news on Buzzfeed November 4, 2016. November, 15 it was banned by AdSense.

The next day, November 16, the site was inactive. The same day Conservative Fighters was created, using the same WordPress Template. Its facebook page has just 3,5K followers and low activity. does not redirect to the new domain, but its FB page DonaldTrumpNews.Co started to post links to This not typical behavior for traditional media, which would have tried to retain its audience. The creators of the new website did their utmost to avoid traffic ties with the old domain, but use the old FB group. 95% of traffic came from there.

The highest rank, that reached the fake news sites in Papua New Guinea before December, was 547. This was achieved by already known to us The domain has been changed, but the traffic from Papua New Guinea still remained. How and why Macedonians promote their sites in Papua New Guinea?

5,5 % of Conservativfighter’s traffic it is more than 1,800 daily unique visitors. This anomaly could have happened in only one case. When buying traffic, the seller mixed the cheap traffic from Oceania with the US expensive targeted traffic. Because the purchase of human traffic is very expensive, 99% of marketed web traffic is artificial. There is no other explanation for why 50thousand per month from Papua New Guinea visited the pro-Trump Macedonian site.

Perhaps the botnet owner has bought several thousand of Guinean proxy (there is just a rapidly growing number of new users) under the guise of the Australian ones. There may be other explanations, but certainly, we can say that this is some kind of mistake. The deliberate use of the traffic from that country doesn’t make sense for blacks webmasters.

We have met with similar facts earlier and even wrote about it (“The fraud patriot”, June 9, 2016). The traffic is from Kenya was very strange, but not the only anomaly of fake media

Fake news sites can have only two purposes. The first is misinformation and political hoax, the second is to make money on the digital advertising. is not suitable for both of them. It does not have its own content, just reposts of other similar sites, it can’t run scandal or fake news. The site is free of any advertising systems now. Officially, it has no monetization, although the costs still remain.

The only purpose of this site is the transformation of traffic from social to referral. Following the results of December 2016, Conservativfighter’s transit traffic should reach at least 1 million unique visitors.

Why is it important, and what role such sites are playing in ad fraud ecosystem, and where traffic comes from this site, read the following chapters.

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