Chapter 40. The fake news, the real links.

The true story

Can a major media with 17 years of history and a monthly audience of 40 million., quote fake news sites? As if it did not look weird, but yes.

Studying the history of the site (disabled), we found a back link to it on Breitbart.

It was quoted by Wayne Allyn Root, in the story “Mr. President, You Disgust Me”, posted on June 13, 2016. The quotation was “Obama is the man who cut $2.6 billion in funding for U.S. veterans, while at the same time adding $4.5 billion to the budget to relocate Syrian refugees to America.” The archive copy. The article was shared more than 40,000 times.

If you can not identify this site among the other sites of fake news, we give a small clarification. This is the most popular of the Macedonian sites investigated by Buzzfeed in the article “How Teens In The Balkans Are Duping Trump Supporters With Fake News”.

The site was created on April 29, 2016. At the time of quotation, the site was only one and a half months. After Google announced the change its policy against such sites, November, 15 its Adsense account was banned, next day the site has been disabled. More details about this story you can find here.

We found an archive copy of the original article, which was surprisingly not original. The original source was Red Flag News, but this article is removed at the moment.

Was it the only fake news site that referred the author? No. Another two sites are exactly the so-called fake news sites.

The statement “But remarkably he opened that summit with a Muslim prayer ” has a link to included in the BuzzFeed’s list of fake news.

The statement “Obama’s not just purposely importing Muslims, he’s bringing them in at a record pace” has a link to This site was not mentioned in the lists of fake news, but only because, through the jungle of advertising it is very difficult to see the news .

It tries to look like a news aggregator, but in fact, this is only an imitation of the content. Articles most often consist of 4-5 sentences, rare long texts just copied verbatim from the source. To content diversity, anonymous authors add YouTube video or a couple of photos. The main thing is that each page has from 5 to 8 ad units.

The site could earn $ 20,000 on advertising only views (without clicks) with a minimum CPM for US traffic. Taking into account the maximum optimization of advertising systems and click earnings it could easily earn $ 50,000. Quality content hardly visible through the advertising bushes, you can evaluate for yourself.

We saw the ads of IBM, Jeep,, Cisco Spark, Nissan, Financial Times and many other brands (The screenshots are available in dataset). But in fact, more advertisers may be dissatisfied with ad views on this site, because programmatic shows different ads for each user.

The creators of the site are not hiding. This is a SEO and SMM Company Big Jim Media.

Were there any other links to fake news in his other articles? Yes, he repeatedly referred to, included in 117 sites list of potential false, misleading, clickbaity, and/or satirical news sources”, created by assistant professor Melissa Zimdars.

July 11, 2016,

August 27, 2016

.July 29, 2016

The sad questions

1. Why did Wayne Allyn Root quote Macedonian Fake news sites with stolen content and other similar sites?

2. Why did SEO and SMM Company Big Jim Media create political media?

3. Why did Breitbart promote fake news sites?

4. Are fake news site or imitation of media for AdSense cheating?

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