Chapter 4. ​The five dollar Fiverr experiment

The true story


Any theory becomes better explanation with an experiment. For our investigation, we need some laboratory rats (sorry, bots). As Charles Darwin create his transmutation of species theory by supervising on people less Galapagos islands birds, we need to find the wild area of bots without humans. For the pure experiment, we create a new account the sarcastic cashout trainer @InvestJTravolta with quality content.

Earlier we establish, that 42 bots are enough for finding interesting facts about social media experts. For the bot bang experiment, we bought 6500 followers. That the amount, which few people can explore manually and the for the other side, it enough for statistical methods. We postulate, that bot species diversity is discrete and we can find, describe and definite typical bots.

@investjtravolta is a big fan of social media and investment hype, so he was very glad to take part in the experiment as a host for bots.

Does @investjtravolta has real followers? Yes, he has a small number, but some of them are outstanding.

Well, it would be strange if he was not following this account.


Let us start the experiment.

Earlier we found that is a one of largest marketplace for fake followers in social media. We create account for @investjtravolta and contact seller Bruchlay for other 6500 followers. Costs were as low as $5 and processing fee. For the experiment, we have a loss.

You cannot repeat our experience with Bruchlay, because seller delete account. But you can choose another one if you decide to buy followers. The seller told us, that bot delivering is not the instant process.


Three days past followers number skyrocketing to 6500 mark. Twitter followers list looks like the excursion on egg factory: few peoples among the huge number of eggs.

According to STAQ methodology 94% of followers are non-active bots. What does egg-bot suitable for? Just for growth count of followers.


Sorts of bots.

“Egg-draft” bots with not-for-use names, for an example “crazymommm” family: the difference is only in numbers in account names. 34, 43, 51 and any numbers are after main word “crazymommm”


These primitive and inactive bots are created for just following.

We establish simple condition “0 followers, 0 tweets, 1 like”.

@daliahseckert is following 1311

@cricri_morfeo is following 1245

“0 followers, 0 tweets, 0 likes”.

@cranberry789 following 1208

We got those more than 7 hundred total inactive bots in the package (over 10%).

If we change condition for “silent follower” to “less or equal” 50 tweets, 50 followers and any description, we dot 6184 bots almost all of our 6500 bots from

The most active “reader” is @creepsho1. This popular bot has 3 followers and following only 1610 accounts.


Not all bots are silent egg-bots. Some of them are over active. They have no time even to write description - they tweeting!

@ilovejb7860 is a bot with heavy porn addiction. Unfortunately, there are no pictures, only links.

@gamelinkonly is bot for tweeting links for japan game portal (just 1700 tweets).

Two tweets per day, like a robot. It tweeting invitation codes for the mobile game by Sega.


One of the active bot (two tweets per day) follows 678. It is Korean bot-retweeter and bot-liker for Asian girls music band “Crayon pop”. It is not just tweeting in Korean and Thai (1), it can read in Arabic (2), in English (3), in Turkish (4), in Japanese (5) and in Bulgarian languages.

Another interesting finding was @esin_seser. It has just 4,5k tweets, all tweets are retweets, most of all are retweets of @selenagomez or tweets with a related hashtag, for example, #FanArmyFaceOff and #Selenators.

@PhdSearche has 17K tweets and he won the first prize!

What a pity! With it happened misfortune.

Enough about the bots, it's time to summarize.

The bot`s Facts

1. Anyone can bay bots on That is simple, easy and not expensive.

2. There are bots with different specification: from egg-draft to human-like account.

3. Those bots are created and used for growing counts of followers, retweets and favorites.

4. That botnet created not for one client, this is the complex global industry.

The sad questions

1. Will Twitter ban the account after the recognition of purchase bots?

2. What happens to the 6,500 bot followers?

Why today we have a few sad questions?

We all understand these bots follow not only @InvestJTravolta. In future articles we find and describe the top accounts, which are popular among our 6500 bots.