Chapter 38. What is really Twitter business? Part two

The true story

In Chapter 38. What is really Twitter business? Part one, we have written, that promoted tweet of the official account @twitterBusines was retweeted by thousands of bots with the similar algorithm and the typical description. You can see all of the various combinations in our datasets (1, 2, 3, 4, 5). On November 15, 2016, this tweet has 37K retweets and 16K likes.

We also found that this botnet simulates retweets and likes of four suspicious accounts that have strikingly similar stats. The most interesting one was @LoftyFollows that has the link to “My cheap jobs” shop on Squareup and links to fake news

This is the fake social media engagement shop, where you can buy Twitter retweets and followers, Instagram followers and likes, YouTube views, SoundCloud plays etc.

Now redirects to

The description told us you can hire here freelancers, freelance work, developer, graphic design, content writing jobs at DoJobsOnline, formerly MyCheapJobs. This shop has its own twitter account @dojobsonline. Its stats is very strange, 209K followers, the majority of tweets have zero retweets and likes. But in fact, it is still fake social engagement shop, just a little better disguised. It has also a low active clone

But it is not the only marketplace promoted by these bots. Another one similar account promoted by detected botnet is @DiscountWorkers. Searching for the discountworkers in Google, we can see its description. It's pretty funny. “Get work done at a discount - FiverrScript is the Fiverr clone script and marketplace script. - DiscountWorkers”. So we see a network of shops selling fake engagement across all social networks and fake Adsense safe traffic. In “Chapter 3. The key marketplace” we wrote about as the largest marketplace for all kinds of fake social media engagement.

On the website is not enough information about the company. “DiscountWorkers is a San Diego-based company serving clients worldwide. Contact us at with any questions…” Is Jim a real name of contact person or it is fake?

Dojobsonline looks more respectable and has a link to LinkedIn. Surprisingly, this company has it's official account. Even more surprising, but there is an open account of its founder and CEO. His name is Jim Denlinger, but earlier this account has name “Jim Vidmar”. He is the CEO not only DoJobsOnline but also and Founder and CEO of DiscountWorkers and Mycheapjobs. The earliest of these companies, BadgeHelp, Inc., was founded in 2001 and (15 years 6 months ago).

Jim Vidmar presents in all social networking sites, including Youtube. The @LoftyFollows' tweet linked to with the 2013 year video. The youtube account has the same link to the the Square Store MyCheapJobs.

The man on the video is the same, who on the youtube channel “IamTheSEOGuy” avatar. The video is about mass following on twitter. The author told his name is Jim Vidmar and his e-mail is

The youtube channel IamTheSEOGuy has other videos about automatized social media engagement. This video is the promotion of The man on video, Jim Vidmar, told he is the owner of the service. (according to the whois-services owner is hidden by ”Domains by proxy”).

He is open social media bot seller, mentioned in media since 2013. The most recent are his comment for about political twitter botnets. "Fusion" outlet has the video with Vidmar’s mass account management farm.

But the main article about Jim and his activities published three years ago in Wall Street Journal. The story "Inside Twitter Robot Factory“ was written by Jeff Elder. Nov. 24, 2013, for.

Elder spokes with Jim Vidmar, who deals with online vendors who create and sell fake Twitter accounts. Vidmar makes money by programming the accounts to follow people who pay him to boost their reputation and standing on the micro-blogging site. The fake accounts also re-tweet the posts of those they follow, send and reply to messages, further increasing the reach of his clients. Mr. Vidmar's robots made the rapper, known as Philly Chase, a trending topic so often around Philadelphia that he attracted attention from local newspapers. Vidmar says he has been doing them for the last six years.

According to WSJ’s story, Twitter had deleted most of Vidmar`s primitive fake accounts in April 2013. All Vidmar’s personal twitter account were suspended too. Elder as WSJ reporter did the request about Jim Vidmar to official Twitter, they should know who is it.

Jim is the official seller of a fake engagement and fake web traffic. For example, one of his sites for selling fake engagement in twitter was active since 2009. Jim has G+ account with the link The site was the marketplace for social media fake engagement and web traffic since the 2011 year. The site has an offer for clicks from different social media and even “auto serf”.

To be continued…

The bot facts

1. Jim Vidmar is the professional seller of the fake traffic and fake social media engagement since 2007 (or earlier). Since 2013, official Twitter knows about Jim Vidmar. Twitter had banned Vidmar’s personal accounts @thejimvidmar, @iamtheseoguy and hundreds of thousands of Vidmar’s bots.

2. Vidmar’s twitter bots are generating the fake engagement for the official @twitterbusiness. Twitter has not taken any action on this.

3. Jim Vidmar is the only newsmaker among whole fake social media engagement scene. He had made comments for WSJ, Fusion, BBC, Politico and other respectable outlets. Fake accounts and activity are the violation of user agreement of any social networks, but Jim openly talks about his business and not afraid of any negative consequences. He can not be prosecuted because he doesn’t do anything illegal.

The sad questions

1. Why twitter do not suspend Jim Vidmar`s fake accounts, which create the fake engagement for @twitterbusines?

2. Are the analysts and Twitter support can not detect 30 thousand similar bots created and managed by the same algorithm? Is Twitter really can not see it or just ignore? But can we be sure they actually fight against botnets?

3. What is the benefit of Jim Vidmar from these actions and what purpose he is trying to achieve? Did he coordinates these actions with someone from Twitter or making them on his own initiative?

4. Is Twitter Business the only account whose promoted tweets was retweeted by Vidmar’s botnet?

The appendix

The tweet of the official account @twitterBusines, which was retweeted by Jim Vidmar’s bots.

@LoftyFollows The account with the link to the Vidmar’s fake social media engagement shop

Fake social media engagement shop “My cheap jobs” on Squareup

Both business accounts (marketing and politics) are suspended

The marketing account @WebMarketingJim

Comment @michaelzachrau/status/435060926866149377

The politics account @PoliticsJim

Comment @RealD_Money/status/708173489048461313

Email of the store is heftysocial @ Account @HeftySocial is suspended now.

JabberDuck is a shop promoted by @StyleFashionHub, a part of Vidmar’s botnet. The owner of the store is Andrea Vidmar, her account is jabberduckStore official account@JabberEtsyis suspended,

Jim Vidmar’s LinkedIn

Jim has G+ account

We found also domains previously associated with Jim. The examples of fake engagement marketplaces and (2011 year). iliketraffic sells web traffic from social media or auto surf.

Jim Vidmar’s mentions in media. "They’re smart about it," said Jim Vidmar, a computer programmer who operates bot networks commercially and has sold to clients working on behalf of House and Senate candidates. "It’s done under total secrecy: profile just created, burner phone, not traceable."

Fusion’s video with Vidmar and his mass-account content farm. Jim is pointing to the different man with computers: “He has one thousand IDs”.

Wall Street Journal’s article "Inside Twitter Robot Factory“ by Jeff Elder, Nov. 24, 2013

Jim Vidmar’s old videos

Most valuable are the promo of Tweepi bot (software for automatized accounts management, mostly for integration accounts in botnet by following each other or Twitter wait and reply bot).

Socialpuncher’s related playlist

Dojobsonline. Digital marketing.

Jim Vidmar’s account on discount

The @dojobsonline twitter account