Chapter 19. The cyberfactory. Summary

The true story

Over the past six weeks, we have published 8 chapters of the Trump's botnet investigation. The reason for this emphasis was that Trump, unlike his opponents, used as social media strategy quoting bots. This tactic has led him to success. Only he was able to bring the news to the national media from his Twitter.

We came to the conclusion that the strange accounts, which quoted Trump, are not independent supporters. This is a part of the botnet that is controlled not only automatically, but also by humans. We call this phenomenon twitter-cyborgs. In order to produce cyborgs need a factory. On April 11 in one of the accounts, accumulating the most active participants of the botnet, we have found a link to (unavaliable now). This account was @campaign_trump, the owner who called himself JP Moore. The site was actually a showcase of "Trump 20k twitter club", whose founder and leader was Jona Moore. The site was just registered April, 4, before this club existed as Jona’s list Trump twitter club.

What is the goal of the club?

“GOAL IS TO HELP EACH PERSON REACH +5k FOLLOWERS. Millions of combined followers! Trump has the largest Twitter group in the world… We commit in supporting each other & RT each other’s Tweets in supporting Mr Donald Trump by growing the Twitter network. We stand up and protect each other... “ trump-2ok-twitter-club

April 11, there were two important events. The first one was the Moor’s statement, he was ready to give his account “valid avid” Trump supporter and changed his operation in the election campaign. “3 Days ago I have been made an offer to be more involved with the ground game for the last stretch of the Primary elections… For this reason as of Monday, my focus will be to assist the Trump Campaign as a consultant (Paul Manafort already joined)...” win-my-twitter-account

At the end of the statement he made gif with winking Bill Mitchell and inscription “Mr. Mitchell, did you really work for Trump campaign?” Bill did not like the joke, and he made an attack on his Twitter opponent. Mitchell has accused him of fraud and the use of dirty tricks with fake supporters. The screenlist of conflict from In one tweet, Mitchell claimed that Jona Moore hides his real name. In fact, he is Marius Landman from Australia. After that, Moore closed the account, deleted all tweets, remove all information from the site. Now the content is only available using Yahoo! web cache. A week later, his twitter was reopened. After restarting @campaign_Trump had the new description . “JP Moore is an Executive Advisory Board member to Paul Manafort & Campaign. Confidant to Icahn Enterprises. Now moving to California State”. A few days ago, he changed the last sentence on “Military VET. Latinos por Trump.”

We decided to find out who is Marius Landman. During the investigation, we established several episodes of his bio. In 2009, he was the owner of the site, which offers different packs of semi-legal SEO technologies and non-human traffic. In 2009-2010, he was a founder of two MLM companies, were selling tea and coffee with a special effect. After the fraud charges, Marius was forced to go to Australia . The first time he worked senior consultant in HSE Energy & Risk in Brisbane. Then he got a job in a company RPS Group, which organized wellsite permit training.

Marius Landman definitely knows semi-legal SEO technologies (the mass producing of sites just for cheating on Google). He knows psychology very well. He knows how to recruit different types of staff. He knows how to organise people like MLM hierarchy. He has the database of personal data of thousand seasonal overseas workers and their families (in addition to MLM salesmen). He has all skills are needed for building the large political cyberfactory in social media. 27 August 2015, we saw his first appearance in Trump campaign when Trump quoted his tweet from @LandmanMarius. December, 29 was the second quotation of the same account.

Who choose account @LandmanMarius for Trump quotation twice?

According to Fortune, Justin McConney is the guy, who has access to Trump’s twitter account and posts his tweets. He has huge credibility because he has worked as the social media director for Trump Organisation for 5 years. His father worked for Trump 28 years. He is professional, who can raise the count of twitter followers from 300,000 in 2011 to 7,870,000 for now.

The quotation of bots, was tested as the social media technique earlier. For example, the quotation of the perfectly named bot for promotion Miss Universe 2015. Justin McConney has posted in Trump’s twitter account over 200 quotations of bots and cyborgs for 2016 year, and other hundreds more in 2015. The @TrumpNewsNetwrk includes in its 20K new members list @Don_Vito_08 , the account who has started anti-Cruz scandal when Trump (or Justin McConney) has quoted him. Official Director of trump’s SocialMedia @DanScavino knows about the members of the Trump 20K twitter club and retweeted them. Two Trump’s team members, who are officially responsible for social media know about Marius Landman or 20K club. Account @campaign_Trump is suspended now, and the man looks like Marius Landman but calls himself Jona Moore, is on profile photo. He proclaims , that he works with presently Trump campaign director Paul Manafort. Is Paul Manafort really works with the man who has built the large political cyberfactory in social media ?