Chapter 19. The cyberfactory. Part four

The true story

Earlier we found that there are a lot of pro-Trump twitter supporters, who combines non-human automatized activity with human participation. In the “Part zero. Investigation about Associated Press investigation” we establish, who social media cyborg are.

Then we found how twitter-cyborgs are organized for a job. In the “Part one. The Cyberfactory. Trump Twitter 20K club” we showed site, where new members can join pro-Trump community.

In part two we found the coordinator of fake supporters, who called himself Jona Moore (@trump_campaign), but in fact, his real name is Marius Landman.

In part three we wrote how in April 2016 Trump team was compelled significantly change the social network strategy. Also, we found a relationship between botnet creators and experienced SEO optimization specialists.

In this part, we describe the important points of Marius Landman’s bio and show you, how he is affiliated with Trump's campaign.

Part 4.1

One of pro-Trump’s twitter activists you may know wrote about dirty social media tricks he doesn’t like.

Earlier we wrote about one of “crazy” stories.

This is the Trump’s quotation of @LandmanMarius. In the previous article, we wrote about it.

@LadyLiberty1885 highlighted the technology of the one old crazy story. He told us, that account @LandmanMarius who tweeted the fake anti-Cruz story, use the digital identity from site HSE Audits from Brisbane, Australia.

Part 4.2

This is the screenshot from Bill Mitchel’s tweet about Jona Moore (@campaign_Trump), who stole the digital identity. It is the same Independent audits from Brisbane, Australia.

In Google web cache we found another site related with “HSE energy & Risk Senior consultant & business Development” -

The site registered by Samuel Gregory Christopher, but contact email is

Another search query was “Senior Consultant and Business Development”. We found “RMS Australia Pacific” with the email


We found PDF with the advertising with that email.

We have found another site related with domain

For query “RMS Australia Pacific” we found another site

Domain registered by Marius Landman.

Part 4.3

Marius Landman registered 6 sites 3 are: (related with his Australian work). (his personal site). (Trump?).

After digging the cell phone number slightly deeper, we found the unexpected past occupation for Marius Landman.

The site with same e-mail tell us, he was a "master distributor USA".

The query “ + gano” return us the exciting description for his personal site.

Screens for and all the story are from the

Before October 2009, Marius was a top MLM Professional.

This screenshot is highlighting the methods, which Marius used for self-defence from watchdogs. It was the part of his MLM life. He uses the fake “trustful source”. But he registered the “independent” blog on the same company and use the own cell-phone number for contact. CTRL+F and “Marius landman” query).

To avoid unnecessary trouble after the story of MLM, Marius went to Australia. There, Marius has changed his occupation from MLM to risk audit. Hi has got the Bachelor of Social Science and human Psychology.

This the quotation from the resume

University of Newcastle

Post Graduate Certificate Environmental & Business Management , Environmental Business Management

2011-01-01 — 2012-31-12

Queensland University of Technology

Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology) , Human Psychology

2011-01-01 — 2013-31-12

Australasian College of Health and Safety

Australian Advance National Diploma of Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) , OHS Engineering and Business Administration

2010-01-01 — 2011-31-12

University of OFS and CU California

Masters Science Degree in Occupational Health and Safety – Major in Safety Engineering , OHS Engineering and Business Administration

1993-01-01 — 2010-31-12

University of the Free Sate

BSc Quantity Serveyor , Construction Engineering

1989-01-01 — 1995-31-12

The end of the quotation.

Screens from

September 21, 2012.

July 29, 2013.

The most interesting Landman’s site is the

We have highlighted it earlier. Domain registered to the same email, cell-phone number and the same name.

Part 4.4

Earlier, the site, related with the Landman Marius, posted the same anti-Cruz video content as the site, related to Jona Moore.

The site posted the same anti-Cruz propaganda in his blog.

This the site, related with Marius,has the same HTML template as the site related to Jona Moore.

The site has proclaimed that it owned and operated by Who is she?

She told us who launched scandals in Iowa from the account @landmanmarius.

@landmanmarius is not some unknown guy from Australia, he is the registrant, which operated by @LadyLiberty.

@LadyLiberty told us how account @landmanMarius is affiliated with account @campaign_Trump.

This is the screen of @landmanmarius twitter account for February 23, 2016.

@landmanmarius followed Aussies4Trump and posted pro-Trump’s tweets.

We have the video evidence from Bill Still (he is mentioned on, he is pro-Trump propagandist) how @landmanmarius has launched another media scandal.

Let's do back to @campaign_trump (he is the creator of official Trump 20K twitter club He uses the same profile picture with photoshoped red cap, as the account @landmanmarius.

He publishes the same milestones in the description: Texas, Australia, Trump, HSE audit.

Jona Moore is definitely Marius Landman.

Part 4.6

Before MLM, Marius has another business He sold search engine optimization packages from the site It is not active now. This is not surprising. Google has since changed the search algorithms, struggling with such black technologies.

February 28, 2010

In 2009, Marius Landman promised you 4 hours results in Google listing and free visitors. We can see here same cell-phone number, as earlier: 832-594-3861. Behind this offers, there is a pack of semi-legal SEO technologies and the non-human traffic. Classic SEO methods need at least 3-6 month for a significant result.

December 14, 2009.

He is the owner of

He definitely knows semi-legal SEO technologies (the mass producing of sites just for cheating on Google). He knows psychology very well. He knows how to recruit different types of staff. He knows how to organize people like MLM hierarchy. He has the database of personal data of thousand seasonal overseas workers and their families (in addition to MLM salesmen). He has all skills are needed for building the large political cyberfactory in social media.

Part 4.7

What Jona Moore said on the site about his relationship with Donald Trump and his associates? It seems that new entrants of cyberfactory “Trump 20k Twitter Club” often asked him similar questions, so he decided to answer them all at once.

Jona Moore (@campaign_trump) has access to the 2,700,000 accounts botnet and can coordinate it's actions according to the situation.

What is the evidence, that Marius Landman is not a stranger for the Trump campaign?

Do you remember the quote of @LandmanMarius, December 29, 2015?

It was the second quotation of him by Trump. The first one was on August 27, 2015.

Don’t you think it's too strange? Trump quoted repeatedly only media persons.

@LandmanMarius (@campaign_trump) is definitely the part of the Trump campaign, although some may continue to see this as just a bunch of coincidences.

To be continued…

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