Chapter 18. Brand's friends

The true story

The question “How do brands spend money?” is the main question for social media. Who will pay for memes, countless chats, and cute kittens?

Some social media analytic companies say, that is very difficult to differ bot’s from human’s twitter accounts. It is true! Anyone has the neighbor with those names. These accounts have no difference with the real humans. To be clear we talk not on Pawel Kaczorowski, but about his followers.

Another good example is Russian named bot’s followers.

There is no news in the bots among brand’s followers. Someone thinks that they are encountered sometimes, someone is sure that they are not less than half. Of course, they are not difficult to find, just look for the account of any brand.

At this place could be any other company.

Some accounts are created just for enlarging brand’s followers count. Who can create those accounts? For example, this fan of Japanese cars and English football clubs.

According to the telephone number it may be Leicester's fan from South Korea. Do you have enough friends who have a number as first, middle or surname? That is so common among humans.

It was created at 1:05pm on Sunday 10th Apr 2016

Some bots follow not just brands, but wonderful companies. For the first look, we think that someone has made the fake account for Nestle US. For the second look, we could not believe our eyes. Which product will be perfect among egg?

But there are more strange things.

We don’t understand why Samsung Mobile US follows protected Russian account. He is still the last in the list of followers.

We wonder who are the other 4 his followers. This account has achieved tremendous numbers for 6 years.

According to the name of next strange account, Samsung Mobile US plans to work at the Italian market. As far as we know, Italy and Russia are still in Europe.

New puzzles come from the FMSG Company.

Why does @pepsi follow this account?

Maybe Pepsi rewards buyer? Or maybe this is mass-following? No! The account has just two friends and definitely there are no Pepsi among them!

It has 100K followers! Who is Mr Zero Sum?

It has no tweets, but tweets count is 389! How can it be?

As we wrote the article, the number of tweets decreased to 1. But in fact, nothing has changed.

Among Pepsi’s followers, there is an account named “NOT ACTIVE”. Let’s check it!

It is the protected account with just 40K tweets.

From millions or the consumers, Pepsi picks 42,4K friends. We have the question about the one friend.

Are there no other accounts on twitter? The account has egg-profile for 8 years and just 4 tweets!

Pepsi, who is it? Why do you follow it?

Pepsi and Coca-Cola are rivals not just for market share, but for the attention of the strange accounts. There are cases where they follow bots one after the other.

The egg-profile with no tweets got the attention of both colas, too.

“Follow the yellow shirt” is the winning strategy for Tour de France race. But how both cola`s SMM did this? Do Pepsi`s SMM real-time monitoring for Coca-Cola's friends?

This time, both of them win South Korean market.

But Coca-cola has deus ex machina.This egg-profile Coca-Cola has followed just after the Prince and before protected “Free followers!” did the same.

But he owner of this account has ignored the Coca-Cola's attention and seeking for Pepsi`s. So sad, hopeless. It’s like Santa-barbara for brands.

And among the next egg-profile Coca-Cola and “Free followers1” are still together.

The same.

The next egg-profile is Cola Man. His fatal rival is Mentos-man. Total annihilation occurs when they meet. This account has 6 followers and Coca-cola is very first follower.

We don’t know Glenda`s super power, but this egg-profile attract the attention both global brand and King James - one of top-7 bot`s buyers. We wrote the story about 15 million botnet

Do you notice that all Coca-Cola’s friends are followed by this account?

Yes! Pepsi follows Coca-cola. And Coca-cola followed Pepsi earlier. You can check it yourself if you have enough time to scroll down.

Maybe @mcdonalds has invented egg-burgers?

This egg-account looks like the secret Michelin restaurant chief`s account. A fast-food corporation may follow it for some fast-secrets. Burgerking follows it.

McDonald`s and Capriotti`s follows it.

Among 95 followers we found the group of 5 which are so familiar to our reader. Those advertising accounts are related with the former investment bankers who sells bots for $7,000,000 per year.

Maybe we occasionally share someone`s secret plans but it seem that FedEx is the next big player on egg-logistic market.

Maybe egg-profiles are senders of documents.

Or they are goods senders.

Or they send likes. How much 14000 likes weight?

Walmart plays the same “Follow egg” game.

We guess that is Walmart`s secret tactic for egg-market protection from Coca-cola and FedEx.

Dell is the serious technology company which works systemically to cover all markets.

Any technology company starts from tests. The 9 years old account @tester123 is the best choice for Dell. It has only one tweet and only 9 followers.

It seems, that it was created especially for test how Dell`s account follows. Successful.

Three verified accounts are very first followers.

The next test.

Just another test.

We have no jokes about Dell`s and other’s brands following style. That is really sad.

Consumer, enterprise, events and pro support accounts at the same time.

And it still does not end.

As true marketers, we have the ATL and the BTL. This is the line


Below to line we have the most interesting account. follows 51 verified account. And 24 verified accounts follow him.

Some say we found lucky back-follower.

Nope! Only two accounts follow him back @PepsiMAX и @MTVUK.

We have found the most wicked global brand-troll. 24 verified brand accounts follow him. Is he a member of the board of each company?

@McDonalds, @SUBWAY follows him, but his choice is @KFC and @BurgerKing.

@pizzahut, @PapaJohns, @dominos try to reach him but he doesn’t like pizza at all.

@CocaCola try to attract his attention, but he likes @pepsi.

@Visa trying to sell him a card, but he pays only by @AmericanExpress and @MasterCard.

@FedEx follows him with the sad view while he comes to @UPS office.

«Ogilvy & Mather» should hire him, this boy knows some brand magic. What is his secret?

The sad questions

1. Brand’s verified accounts follow bots. What is the hell in followers?

2. Social media are the perfect instrument for personalized communication with a customer. How effective brands spend money on it?

3. Social media analytics is the instrument for high recognition targeting of potential customers. Who and how controls the results of this kind of promotion in practice?