Chapter 14. Nobody from nowhere. Part two

The true story

In the “Chapter 14. Nobody from nowhere. Part one”, we showed analysis of @auscalum, which launched skyrocketing #NobodyFromNowhere. Now this account is cleared, renamed and saved as “saved”.

In august 2015 the account got the second wind. The bot became an active participant of #ShesKindaHotVMA during the twitter voting of MTV Video Music Award 2015. We found that @auscalum and dozens related accounts are the part of the botnet of 5 Second of Summer, which imitate activity of its fake fandom.

Let’s to summarize facts, to draw conclusions, and to give some explanation.

First of all, if the #NobodyFromNowhere was launched by the bot, then all retweets and likes were made by bots. Why is this true? Do you read at least a one bot? We don’t. Real people never read typical bot`s feed. Clearly, only a bot can follow a bot. But there is the one exception when real people can follow bots. It is mass-following or mass-backfollowing for imitation of engagement. This trick is common for “social media experts” and other “social media person”. But then their accounts are close to bots than to people.

The first conclusion is that #NobodyFromNowhere was launched and pushed to US Twitter top trending by bots.

The music fans botnets are most active part of twitter. They are the most realistic imitation of giant teenager fandom. There are hundreds of worldwide botnet operators who rule different parts of the botnet and post in thousands of fake fan accounts. This machine is perfect for pushing any hashtag to top trending. It may be the “best bot`s choice” song of the year or the name of a boy from a store.

Who is a stakeholder of #NobodyFromNowhere’s fame? To understand it we should answer 3 questions. Who was able to prepare it? Who did pay for it? How much did it cost?

Social media expert Jeff Bullas in September 2014 has published on his site price of some twitter marketing features. According to him, 24-hour trending in twitter costs $ 200,000 per hashtag.

There are a lot of details, but that price has been reasonable for a customer for that moment. This is the maximum price, Jeff as a market participant would not indicate dumping prices. If you know an owner of a botnet, you can work without a middleman and your trending would cost a few times cheaper. But we can’t suspect anyone in semi-legal business connections with murky dealers. By the way, he never describes the technology, how it happens. Just call price. This is probably the secret of social media experts.

The hashtag #NobodyFromNowhere consists of the two parts, the boy and the store. There are no other stakeholders of this twitter campaign. According to media, the boy and his family had no money for that. Later he has failed the attempt to convert his media coverage to personal youtube/vine etc. audience. He definitely has no talent for vlogging. Apparently, this is not the product of any producer.

There is another, the even more powerful argument against the initiative of the boy. There is not enough to push #NobodyFromNowhere to twitter`s top trending. It needs to convert the event to real publicity. That is much difficult and much expensive. It is necessary, to get attention from twitter accounts with real people for the next step of PR campaign. And finally, you should perform right and just-in-time classic media coverage of the phenomenon. According to our media monitoring #NobodyFromNowhere, there were more than 60 publications across national media on the first week and more than 100 total.

This can only be the result of a professional PR team. By themselves, any insignificant events did not become national news. All of leading newspapers wrote about it, and all the original hashtag mentioned many times. Because they were put a situation where they could not react and refuse to use the hashtag in the article. How many other hashtags became number 1 in twitter before #NobodyFromNowhere and after it? Where is their TV coverage? Where other daily show appearance of cute millennials ?

As we wrote earlier, the hashtag #NobodyFromNowhere consists of the two parts the boy and the store. Does a store has $200,000? Yes! Does the PR director has professional contacts that are necessary for the national campaign? Yes! How much the national advertising campaign with the same brand awareness can cost? The minimum estimation is the eight-digit number. And there are no warranties, that it generates comparable buzz.

The boy became popular and made several advertising contracts. The best is the contract with the fashion line. Can you guess in which store chain you can buy the wear collection?

There are more facts for store-stakeholder version. Two journalists cover retail found “a few red flags make them suspect” that exactly store was behind this story.

Their first item was: No one can pinpoint how the image spread. Now we know the answer to this question.

We do not mention the store-stakeholder and the hashtag. We are a bit sceptic about “wake up famous in twitter” cases. And we do not want to make anyone free advertising.