Chapter 11. The angels twins. Part two

The true story

Someone say that all botmakers are anonymous people from the third word. It seems that they young ambitious guys from Botswana, Pakistan, or Moldova and other countries with broken English. Yes, sometimes it’s true, but they just do a dirty job. Among the real kings of botnets are people hold a university degree and white-collar experience. Where can you find them?

Tweet Angels is the #1 (as they say) social media agency in California. Unlike other bot sellers, who use fake social media accounts or sites on domains by proxy, founders of are public, use own sites and own reputation for trust. was founded by Marc Elias and Tom Murphy, former sales managers from J.P. Morgan`s marketing division.

The company openly sells retweets, likes, views, and other kinds of social media activities. There are no jokes. You can buy followers for Twitter and Instagram directly from the site. According to our analysis, the company uses own technologies for operating botnet. It includes permanent bot-followers and bot-retweeters and flash-bots for temporal activity (for retweet-parties).

Most interesting are pre-made packages. will help you gain followers, targeted by profession, interest, and location. In the FAQ company told about money back if they don't deliver the number of followers and about 1 year no drop warranty. The company explains that pre-made packs of followers are the necessary condition for the start of the snowball effect. Trust allow rising prices by 15-20 times for purchasing followers and engagement across all major social media.

According to ZoomInfo, earns about $7,000,000 for the year in spite of the fact that all social media officially ban buying and selling all kind of activity (followers, likes, views).

A business model based on growing targeted botnets for potential buyers. So advertiser gets the audience they want to see. And your personal botnet will be as large as you will pay. Any analytical system shows you that audience is real because it has specified parameters. Nobody cares, that followers has the same photos or posts and retweets senseless content. No one will ever examine these accounts in detail, especially if there are hundreds of thousands. But it must be done if we want to consider only human audience, rather than statistical fraud. in not the only site of the bot-enterprise, it associated with other 12 domains. Most of them are clones, but one is is the SaaS solution for targeted twitter grows and management dashboard. shows us the technologies. filter through millions of tweets each and every day, leaving you with only those most relevant and useful with which you can then personally interact. As you pick out the most suitable results, the algorithm will grow and tailor to your needs, providing greater and greater accuracy over time.

Through finding and interacting with accurately and specifically targeted bots, you grow your follower-base organically and realistically. sophisticated algorithm ensures that spam and illegitimate accounts (from other bot-nets) are filtered out and are never suggested to you as a potentially suitable follower. That technology is the next level of selling pack of followers business model. It perfectly imitates the organic growth.

Tweet Angels selling single and weekly packs of followers, views, retweets and likes across all major social media, 15-20 times more expensive than you can buy it All products include: Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Youtube views, likes and comments, Facebook likes shares, Linkedin connections, Soundcloud plays.

The account of social media marketing company @SandyTweetAngel is a definite bot. This is not surprising, all analytical data say about it. It has 226K followers and 171K friends. The account was created in October 2013 and it has 66.6K twits until now, 75 tweets and 105 likes per day in average.

The account use mass following sessions by keywords, the recent were: “Yoga”, “sell”, “wedding”, “cook”. Some followers gained by keyword are pure bots. For example @848f81c5e22542c has the name generated by password generator, no pictures in profile, screen name contains keyword “sell”, it has no tweet, no description, no followers and just one follower - @SandyTweetAngel. Keyword following sessions are the tool for creating targeted followers, but sometimes it glitches: the EselRock festival contains “sel” keyword but it irrelevant for selling anything.

Some following sessions were not by keywords. We found protected accounts from affiliated botnet in the list of friends. Some protected accounts have no descriptions.

Followers of @SandyTweetAngel are bots too. While it would be strange if they were someone else. Some of the them are bot-advertiser of selling followers. For some reason, different bots use the same ad picture and they follow @SandyTweetAngel and all its clients as a tribe. Some bot advertisers use just link to the site It offers 10000 followers for $39 this price is cheaper than on Tweet Angels. This is an affiliate network operating in a different market niche. The owner of 100Kfollowers-family sites is Kristian Romadhon from Indonesia, another country with broken English.

Let’s look at the portfolio and the clients of

For company growths twitter followers from 1K to 7,6K. Among them, we found the few packs of bot-accounts. Bots have the same photos in profiles, names with numbers, often have no description. Bots with the same photos are “proto-bots”, which will be targeted later. Some of these billets will be rappers, some will be housekeepers. They will change the profiles according to the customer's request.

The next client is the mom writer Carin Kilby Clark.

Her audience is perfect. For example, in recent hundred it has 5 accounts in a row with same photos and names. The same quality of followers we found in all accounts of Tweet Angels portfolio. And not just the same quality, but the same followers.

There is one last question. We didn’t see the top customers in the portfolio.

However, the company is trying not to publicize the most interesting buyers. Hard to believe that you can earn $ 7 million with clients they show.

One of the customers, which Tweet Angel does not want to say, is E-man’s Angels. The agency is a part of EAE Management group, which combines marketing and booking agencies and radio network. Facts show that the part of this botnet is working for growth the engagement in @EMANSANGELS. You will find it at the end of slide pack.

The bot`s facts

1. There is the second company in Los-Angeles, who officially earns $7,000,000 per year by semi-legal social media service.

2. Social media service is more profitable than invest banking sales.

3. There is no crime in fake social media activity. All social media just ban accounts by abuse, according to their rules.

The sad questions

1. How many followers in Twitter and other social networks are “pre-made”?

2. Why was this botnet not banned by Twitter?

3. How much traffic is washed by social media bots?

4. If bot-makers can sell you youtube views, can they make any advertising views?

5. There is a crime to fake bank checks. Why there is no crime in a fake audience that someone sells to advertisers and investors?

The rules of the major social media


If your account is found to have purchased followers, retweets or favorites, your account may be suspended. If your account is promoting the selling of followers, retweets or favorites, your account may be suspended. If your account is set up with the sole purpose of selling followers, retweets or favorites, your account may be suspended.

Twitter sometimes ban accounts, but we found 7 accounts from twitter top-1000 with millions of bots in followers.


Facebook’s rules include a ban on lying about who you are. Facebook has no policy for selling likes and page followers.


Instagram has no policy for fake account creation, like selling and paid following.


Services that attempt to boost YouTube subscriber numbers through automated means, or as a marketplace violate our Terms of Service and are not ok. This could include the following Purchasing subscribers from third-party websites and sub4sub exchanges and services from third-party websites that subscribe you to multiple channels that then subscribe to you back

Youtube will ban you if you use automatize software, that interact with site faster, than an average browser user (auto viewers). If you use fake traffic from social media, youtube can not identify it.

The pack of screenshots site has no shame about followers count growth.

What Tweetangels does.

The most popular offers.

They offer targeted followers daily and automatic tweets.

How can they offer no drop warranty and deliver the number of followers?

All products include Twitter followers, Instagram followers, Youtube views, likes, and comments., Facebook likes shares, Linkedin connections, Soundcloud plays.

Pre-Made Packages is the most interesting purchase.

The words from screen “Money”, “Paypal verified”, the list of major social media and thousands of followers for is not interesting. The key sense is “Pre-made”. Pre-made by whom? by tweetamp?

Tweetangels has the simple explanation for social media managers. “You must do it because of all doing it” - social media drug dealer says.

Nice played, that is the ideal business model for those white hats who don't want contacts with black hats world. Who are the founders of Tweetangels?

Marc Elias and Thomas Murphy.

The owns the pack of clone sites.

The engineering department is created as a separate company Traffic Pioneers. The same but color photo of Marc.

The site isn’t a clone of It is much better, the SaaS solution for targeted twitter grows and management dashboard.

The company's twitter is bored as a snowy desert.

But the description of Tweet Amp service is much more interesting. Earlier we show you the quality of the targeted followers of Tweetangels clients, shows us the technologies.

The quote from the site.

Through finding and interacting with accurately and specifically targeted users, you grow your follower-base organically and realistically. sophisticated algorithm ensures that spam and illegitimate accounts are filtered out and are never suggested to you as a potentially suitable follower. The algorithms and analytical tools that use are fully customizable to each users needs and requirements.

Do twitter account use their own social media technologies?


Tweet Angels follows accounts with keyword ‘sel’.

Who is your lonely follower, Yariza Seller?

Esel Rock Festival is the typical representative of the target group.

Yoga is another keyword for mass following.

Tweet angels follow a lot of strangely protected accounts in a row.

Sometimes bots can tell us its sad truth. The description of one of the last friends is full of wisdom.

Close-up. Sad bot true.

Let’s look at followers.

All selected accounts contain the description the link on site

There are more than 60 accounts in recent 1500 followers. These stats does not look like a coincidence.

The one of the accounts from twitter followers. site


That the example of explanation how to buy followers. The mention of the sample twitter @user is absolutely correct.

In fact, the site related with someone from Indonesia. Maybe he is a subcontractor.

Whois service shows us the e-mail of owner and other sites registered on it.

The same site with the different logo.

Who are the clients for The first in their portfolio is ZENfoods.

The pack of followers with numbers in usernames.

The pack of followers with the same photo in profile.

Account with the same photos. You can check any of them, or you can just see the screenshots.

Following Z.E.N Foods.













And a couple of guys are not following Z.E.N. Foods, but looks like they are.



It is not only identical photos of ZENfood followers.

Sometimes people are different, but pictures on backgrounds are the same.

Maybe the choice of pictures was related to healthy nutrition. No screenshots, just click.

Another client of is Carin Kirby Clark. Her audience has all typical features Tweet angels botnet. Accounts with ad and twin brothers with the same photos.

Bingo! 5 Shinz in a row! Congrats! And what is the prize? Carin Kilby Clark just won the mention in the article on

And the cherry on the cake.

Do you remember E-man’s Angels? The agency is a part of EAE Management group, which combines marketing and booking agencies and radio network.

This is the division of Cervo Media Group powered by Capitol Music Group and Universal Music Group.

One of ZENfood followers, novice bot-retweeter Josef Jenkins is a big fan of Missy Elliott and E-man’s Angel.

Yes, bot from Tweet Angels botnet grows the engagement of twitter accounts E-man’s Angels and EAERADIO. Sad, bot true.

And Eaeradio successful uses the data for advertising kit.