Chapter 11. The angels twins. Part one

The true story

Do you remember @EMANSANGELS account with 1,02M followers?

That agency is a part of EAE Management group, which combines marketing and booking agencies and radio network. This is the division of Cervo Media Group powered by Capitol Music Group and Universal Music Group.

@EMANSANGELS description was the different 7 months ago.

The first account from the description @PushersTM is an official promoter of @MissyElliott

Here she is.

In @PushersTM we found the list of accounts, wich are in fact cross promotion network. This is the mix of on-line radio stations, models, and celebrity media accounts.

The most interesting here are Radio Stations.

@HOT974FM 58K followers and 29K friends.

@POWER985FM 31K Do you really think that 31K followers are interested in those tweets?

@BEACH1051FM Only 2K followers and a lot of retweets.

@Power97FM 8K followers.

@K1054FM 24K followers.

@WiLD1036 37K followers.

@916TheMix 7K followers.

All radio stations are related to the account @EAERADIO with 105K followers.

We found more radio stations on the official site of network

Who is the boss?

@DJPayCheckDMC All we know the man on the picture as largest seller of meth. What is blue the station is selling?

The Boss @EAERADIO The Only Network That Owns & Manages Over 50+ FM & Digital Radio Stations Nationwide. @EAEMGMTcom@QUERecords#CapitolMusicGroup@UMG

That is not the joke. Even official endorse @DJPayCheckDMC for indie artists.

What money does he show? The main domain of the music holding is Take a look on “Reviews”. What do you think, what is it about? You never guess.

Wait a second! That the link on the account ‘Radioplay”!

Does official site use this link on Fiverr account for selling tweets?

$5 for one station, $55 for all 40 stations.

But $5 gigs from is not the source of music cash flow.

Every radio station has the site (more than 40 total) with notable advertisers.

Or these fashion advertisers.

Or these auto advertisers.

You can listen to hundreds of advertising banners here. Excellent ad sites! And what's the radio?

The bots facts

1. All twitter accounts of radio stations, marketing agency and artists has fake followers.

2. All sites of radio stations are full of advertising.

3. Fiverr, shame on you! That your second strike!

The sad questions

1. How many people use radio station`s sites, if in twitter accounts we found just bots?

2. Who are digital media buyers for,,,, and other radio network advertisers?

3. Are stakeholders of those companies ok with the fact, that they pay for ads targeted for non-humans?

4. “Virginrecords”, “Universalmusic” and “Capitolrecords” are owners of EAE Management group. Do they have a stake in profit from selling ads for bots?

5. How frequent this business model is?