Chapter 1. The true story of Appsventure

The true story


The story began in the summer of 2015 with user complaints about unexplained activity Appzventure employees.

Autumn has come. Complaints continued.

Two editors don’t understand what’s going on. Ironically, all likes and retweets for this conversation are made by Appzventure employees, but no one explains why. The next screenshot gives a clue.

Some bots annoyed at for a long time. Exactly the tweet by November 7: morning routine.

Why does he complain so often? Because of no-sense-follow spam from appventure`s bots.

How many real companies with three accounts and dozens of employees who like to follow random people do you know?


What is the company with so annoying employees and many identical twitter accounts? The first account has 14900 followers.

The second has 12600 followers. WHY?

And the third has only 6500 followers.

All firm accounts contain link. That the first clue.

But who are the no-sense-following fake employees? Wilson Avans knows the Japanese language.

What does it mean?

"The secret of success is that something no one else knows know". What is that secret?

Maybe Hermine Lawther, who looks like Hermione Granger?

Or not?

That is all? No! Use simple search trick. Look for keywords in accounts.

@AppParse? @app2venture with an egg as a profile picture?

That is an average software bodyshop, - someone said. Not so fast. Let us go to the site.


Take a look at “portfolio” and “about us”.

First of all: the page “about us” contains ugly full-screen SEO text.

Do you really think, that is portfolio? Not bad for teenager begins to make simple applications.

OK! let`s go to “client-portal”. If you click on “Click here to login”, you will be redirected to

Let me remind you that we started from mass complaints about over communicable and over social employees.

Where are they? We can`t find they on company's site! Look at followers of all @appsventure clone accounts. For fast checking use twitter search for accounts for keywords “@appsventure”, “appsventure” and other related with clone accounts. For example:

We found a hundred accounts of strange employees. Just imagine software company which create and sell ugly apps, that can generate cash-flow for more than 40 peoples. Who is that genius founder?

We use whois domain owner search for

Welcome, Muhammad Kalim!

He is owner more than 40 domains for clones and apps.

He has registered 42 domain according to whois-services. They very different and often not active. Design and usability of sites worthy of special mention. Terrible is not even close for that.

Once the company has 79 applications in the appstore. Most of them are paid and made in 2010-2011. No games or any services. Mostly non-unique content, recipes, quotes, jokes - all for $0.99 and $1.99. Does anyone seriously think that it is possible to earn in 2016?

AppzVenture California Office.



When was the first mention of AppVenture in Twitter? In July of 2010.

The first period of activity finished in 2011, and then was 4 years of silence.

Why Appzventure creatures awaken in July of 2015 and began an extremely activities in following some people related to the IT industry?

The bot`s facts

1. Appz Venture was founded in 2010 by Muhammad Kalim.

2. The company has 20-50 employees by official stats and about hundred fake employees in Twitter.

3. Appz Venture is constantly mentioned by bots in fake conversations.

4. The company owns 39 domains, mostly inactive.

5. It has an office in the industrial area of Los Angeles and 2 cargo van with logos.

6. According to Zoominfo Appz Venture has a revenue $5 mil. ~ $10 mil. in 2014.

The sad questions

1. Why do software companies need two cargo van?

2. What is the real business of Appz Venture and what is it real revenue?

3. Why does it need hundreds of bots employees?

4. Who is he and why he knows the exact size of the botnet?

the original tweet

5. What actions has made @Support to prevent the new wave of spam?