Chapter 15. Make America Bot Again. Part ten

The true story

Audience verification company SocialPuncher analyzed 2717 Trump’s quotation. We want to share with you the most epic quotations.

The bot facts

1. Created, quoted, frozen

@realDonaldTrump`s quotation

The @jayrhaw account was registered 1st Oct, 2015.

Now account has just 3 casual game-related tweets, with no mentions of Trump.

2. The following quotation is not safe to view at work

@realDonaldTrump`s quotation

3. Bi-lingual absurd troll

@realDonaldTrump`s quotation

The account was created 27th Aug, 2014

Now this account has posted senseless packs of senseless symbols on English and on Hebrew.

Earlier it was the pro-Trump troll, mocking all the rivals in comments.

4. Now we have no jobs, no cash and no hope!

The account has just one tweet. There is not original, quoted by Trump, just Trump’s quotation.

5. The very first tweet from silent account

The account was silent for 3 years.

The first tweet was immediately quoted by Trump.

6. The sycophant

The account was registered 18th Dec, 2012.

The very first tweet was after 6 days of silence.

In the 2013 year the account has conversation in Spanish. In 2015 year the account become Trump’s daily replier.

7. The sycophant 2

The very first tweet is about Miss Universe.

The retweeter of fun accounts

8. Mysteriously Unnamed

Mysteriously Unnamed

The sad questions

1. Who has picked those accounts for the quotation? What were the criteria?

2. What happened with accounts which deleted quoted tweet?

3. Why was quoted “Mysteriously Unnamed” and pornobot?

4. Who had registered the pack of accounts, which was quoted by Trump on the day of registration?