Chapter 15. Make America Bot Again. Part nine

The true story

The tweet is: "@shelbycockaxe: @realDonaldTrump Trump is our last chance to turn this country around #Trump2016"

The quoted account was created 2nd Aug, 2011.

The very first tweet was 2nd Nov, 2015. The account was silent 4 years. That is an evidence, that it was account “canned goods” - the blank for part of a twitter botnet.

This tweet is the direct appeal to @realDonaldTrump.

in 2015 Trump has got a lot of mentions every second and it is hard to find the tweet, but the Trump’s social media team did the quotation after 5 minutes. It is suspiciously fast.

After the quotation, the account did 22 pro-trump tweets and become silent since 29th March 2016.

Some of her tweets are very strange. Is Shelby Ann Cooter a “Trump wall suite” supporter?

The Trump wall supporter has the different shape of the nose.

And the Trump wall suit supporter is the man.

It is 100% evidence, that @shelbycockaxe is the account of fake supporter with stolen photos.

The stolen digital identity

We found the real person, her name is Melody Wren.

Melody Wren is freelance the writer for over 30 years, Melody studied journalism at the London (UK), School of Journalism. She has written for The Toronto Star, Cottage life Magazine, Caribbean Beat Magazine (the inflight magazine for Caribbean Airlines), Canadian Yachting Magazine, Canadian Jewish News, Kitchener-Waterloo Record, CAA Magazine, Dreamscapes Magazine and Active Over Fifty Magazine.

She has written “Melody Wren’s Tearooms of Southern Ontario” (Boston Mills Press). She received a travel research award from the International Association of Culinary Professionals and has appeared on CBC Television, TV Ontario, and CBC Radio.

Melody is a member of the 
Travel Media Association of Canada,
 Professional Writing Association of Canada, Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance and NATJA, North American Travel Journalists Association.

Ther real website

In her real twitter @melodygoes there are no any Trump mentions just Travel.

The bot facts

1. The account @shelbycockaxe was silent for four years after registration.

2. The very first @shelbycockaxe’s tweet was quoted by Trump after 5 minutes.

3. Trump has quoted the obviously fake account.

The sad question

Who is responsible for quotation of pro-trump fake accounts?