Chapter 2. 13 followers

The true story

In the previous article, we found the botnet imitated employees of Apps Venture. Today we will make some analytics about their contacts. Who they follow, follows them.We selected 42 bots, containing the description @AppzVenture or @Appz_Venture and count who are the most popular friends and followers among them.

Friends top-list gave us nothing special: they follow popular accounts from Twitter Top-1000 and hundreds of accounts finding on a few keywords: recipes, food, quotations, apple, apps, IOS etc. Also, they active follow fake fan accs of popstars. No more interesting trends. About fake fandoms we will make a post later.

6 accounts follow all 42 Apps Venture “employees”: AppzVenture Inc, OnesTop App Solution, Mohamamd Kalim, Tiffany Vann, Joseph Streeter, Jennifer Higgins (last 3 are typical bots). To find something exciting let’s consider accs with more than 100 000, who follows AppsVenture’s bots. Let’s see top-3 of them.



2. HR Success Guide 35/42


3. Paul Williams 32/42


Congrats, guys, you are winners today! Very strange businessman on the third place, isn’t it?

Rewrite the whole list in the article is completely senseless, let's pick some interesting group. Since we do social media аnalytics (hate to say) let's see followers, whose description contains "social". What do we have? 532 accs. Too much.We consider only accs with more than 100 000 followers. How many of these? 50. And again a lot. One more attempt. Follow 5 and more employees of Apps Venture. 13. Great, lucky number.

So, there are 13 accs conforming to the three conditions:

  1. “Social” in the description.
  2. Has 100k+ followers.
  3. Follow 5 and more employees of Apps Venture.

Let's start from the bottom

The bot’s facts

13. Follows 5/42


12. Follows 5/42


11. Follows 6/42


10. Follows 6/42


9. Follows 6/42


8. Follows 8/42


7. Follows 8/42


6. Follows 9/42


5. Follows 10/42


4. Follows 14/42


3. Follows 16/42


2. Follows 16/42


1. Follows 24/42


“Ok, it’s just back following”, you say. This explains a lot. It would explain a lot. But it does not explain anything. Because bots don't follow these accounts. Except Kerry Butters. All 24 bots she follows follow her back.

We even don’t know, what is more extraordinarily: the onesided botfollowing or the company that gathered here.

1 social man looks like a bot.

1 acc selling followers, likes, views etc.

1 acc selling suspicious social media courses.

1 head of the marketing agency.

2 Forbes Top 10 social media experts.

2 renowned social media marketer

6 the very strange social media experts/entrepreneurs/managers, some of which cast doubt on their existence.

Don’t ask us, why social media experts and digital entrepreneurs follow bots!

Sad questions

Why social media experts and digital entrepreneurs follow bots?


Fun fact. Two accounts were relevant to our conditions until December 2015 in 2016 unsubscribed from AppsVenture’s bots.

14. Followed 10/42


15. Followed 11/42



Looking for others accounts EntrepreneursPro.Com for the search query “Entrepreneur” was found another follower of 20 AppsVenture’s bots. We found one another follower of AppsVenture`s bots, while we observe others accounts EntrepreneursPro.Com for the search query “Entrepreneur”We think that we can`t be surprised by anything, but we did. No comments.