Chapter 15. Make America Bot Again. Part eight

The true story

Usually, the official in president candidates in their speeches have quoted thinkers, past presidents of their parties or typical voters. Throughout the campaign, Trump quoted bots. We wrote about this in previous articles. But on September 6, Trump’s social media team created a unique precedent, that has no analogs in history.

Trump is the first official president candidate in US history, who has quoted fake supporter, who say, that he never post anything about him.

September, 6 Donald Trump has quoted the account @ler.

But the account never actually posted it.

Trump has quoted the protected (earlier) account of which he has not follows, and which tweet author never wrote. The unsuspecting account owner still remains anonymous, has received almost 10 thousand of notifications.

His reaction to the sudden fame was somewhat unexpected.

“I did, however, quote the original tweet more than once, and I did state that it was not mine”.

He had to refute accusations that he was fake

@ler is very strange account. Is it possible for real human be silent in social media for 9 years?

Account @Ler caused hundreds of questions by the very fact of its existence. Definitely, this is not a standard user account, which forgot about his twitter, but now it's not about him.

Journalist Wall Street Journal has found the account, which had to be specified as the initial source.

It seems legit because the account is typical bot-liker and -retweeter of a pro-Trump botnet. It joined February 2016 and has been done 19,000 tweets and 10,000 likes. This would be a typical move for the Social Media Team Trump.

This is the original tweet, which was supposed to quote Trump.

What happened? The answer is as is simple and evident as incredible. Perhaps this is the best contender for the greatest failure of the presidential campaign. Social media editor, running Trump account, made perhaps the biggest mistake of his career.

The obvious questions

1. Who is the real editor of Trump’s twitter account?

2. Who is picked accounts for quotation?

3. Which are criteria for picking accounts for quotation?

4. How is organized the process of search and monitoring of accounts for quotation, especially if they are bots retweeters with thousand retweets of trump’s own tweets?

5. How many real people there are among the supporters of Trump on Twitter?

6. Is Trump violates the law on advertising?

Bot quotation is the Trump’s invention. Before Trump, there is no newsmaker, who use fake content by this way. Earlier we wrote about trump’s content generation technique: “Trump has quoted Twitter bots 150 times, according to this analysis of his tweets”. Since April, Trump still quoting bots. His social media team use this technique on a weekly basis.

Were the same cases earlier? Yes, it was. There was the same case last week. The wrong old bot and there does not exist tweet.

The account has just one tweet, September 2011.

Maybe that should be another Rhonda? For example, one of these: bot retweeter of Joel Osteen retweeter of some Christian accounts protected account basketball teenager (with a female name) new account joined just July 2016 two men on picture and just 5 tweets inside green egg green egg

You can see search page of @rhondar yourself.

The most likely account for this tweet @rhondar614, but it is just a guess. Tweet with text:“Thank-You Clarence Henderson for telling @cnn you know racism & it's not DonaldTrump… ” never existed before Trump posted it. It was just coined and published by the Trump Social Media Team.

There are thousands of accounts of containing “Rhonda(r)” and a certain number of digits, we can unite in several groups registered by the same person. When you register hundreds of accounts daily for several years, coming up with a variety of titles and picking up new photos is becoming more and more complicated problem. Compare these two accounts: @rhonda8176 and @rhondar1901 . But back to the main topic.

As we know from previous articles, the parrot @vikkideiter, and the icebreaker @FishManwaters follow those who were quoted by Trump. It's a kind of tradition, we don’t know of its reasons, just stating a fact. Despite the silly mistake of social media manager, this time, was no exception. They followed the wrong account, which never posted pro-Trump and any other tweet.

The third case. Egg without tweets.

Another retweet of 29 August.

This is silent account since 2008 year. It has no tweets at all or already has deleted it. The most strange fact is that the bot follows Europeans, namely Catalan official politician activists.

Social media editor, who pick up quotations for Trump, accidentally cut the name of the author of the original tweet. 8 digits in account name @Patrici15767099 have been lost, as a result of Trump “cited” an account that never tweeted. Here's the tweet was prepared for the quotation, but something went wrong.

The case of shortening of the name of the cited account and an indication of someone else as an author has taken place at least three times.

Another account could theoretically be the author, he has a full match of the first six characters and the exact same tweet for half an hour before @Patrici15767099 (what a beautiful name!). If we do not find the original tweet, then this would be the most likely candidate.

First, this article was shared by pro-Trump account @AIIAmericanGirI, why it wasn’t chosen for quotation? Or, for example, account with the most exotic name like @fc5b81746974419 ?

The bot facts

1. Trump has quoted fake supporters as the official president candidate (more examples in the Appendix).

2. Trump’s social media manager is so lazy, to check the author of the quotation.

3. Trump’s social media machine use a pack of similar fake pro-trump followers, who have posted the text of future quotation.

The sad question

We already know, that Trump has no real followers, which he can quote, so he has quoted fakes. Does he have enough professionals among social media team?

The appendix

Another funny and strange accounts, quoted by Trump.

The tits.

The deleted account.

The Cats on Glass.

The fake account Joined March 2016

The egg.

The egg.