Chapter 37. Absolute power. Prentiss McCabe

The true story

The verified account @stephenfry has 12,2 million followers. It belongs to famous British actor and showman Stephen Fry. He has long and hard story with twitter. According to Wikipedia, in October 2008, Fry began posting to the social networking site Twitter, which he regularly updated. On 16 May 2009, he celebrated the 500,000-follower mark.

In November 2009, Fry's Twitter account reached one million followers. On 11 March 2012, Fry noted his passing of the four-million-followers mark.The last screenshot is for 14, February. On 15 February 2016, Fry deleted his Twitter account with 12,2M followers.

6 month later Fry has returned on twitter. It is obvious, that suspended account has lost it`s followers. The lowest mark was 1,5M followers a day before the Fry’s return.Once again. @stephenfry 12,2M followers the day before the Twitter escape and 1,5M the day before return. 10 million fans have left.17 August, Stephen has shared the link to his blog about his new project for CBS television.

According to 17, August the account has 2M followers (+476,207 for the first day).

It is not the triumph for world famous comedian. And next two days he has got 10M followers back! It is the fastest grows in history! 5,000,000 followers per day. That awkward moment, that British gay did the same for a single day, that Trump did for the year.
But the skyrocketing followers gaining was stopped by a mysterious glass ceiling.

Stats for the day before the account was deleted. 12,199,179 followers.

Stats for September, 1. 12,168,305 followers.

The mysterious social media manager, who does not afraid Twitter anti-bot rules, has restored a number of followers highly accurate. The error is just 0,0025%According to Six Sigma quality standard, 0,0025% is better than 5 sigma level (it is 0,023%).Are they his old fans? Nope. More examples of one-day-born-for-follow bots are in the appendix.We have no idea, who can send 10M followers per 2 days except twitter.

The sad questions

1. Who’s bots are @stephenfry’s followers?

2. Dear Stephen, is this story good enough for a next season of “Absolute power”? If not, we have the investigation, how twitter bots help to elect the next POTUS.

3. Why was Media gay-star punished by 10M fake followers?

The appendix

One day born and follow (mobile in Name).