Chapter 34. Top 10 most active twitter accounts for 10 years

The true story investigation team has done the analysis for 10,000 most active tweeter accounts. All stats are actual for 29.06.2016. There are 10,000 most active accounts, which made 6.8B tweets combined per lifetime. It means, that they did 160 million tweets per month or 3.6 K tweets per second. Earlier we found the 3 million botnet , which has made just 2.6 B tweets.

Among top 10,000 most active accounts there are 1200 accounts which have more than 1 million tweets at the moment. Top 1200 twitter writers have created combined 1.8 B tweets per lifetime or 42 million tweets each month. 74 accounts with more than 1 million tweets were suspended by Twitter Support in 2016. Among 1200 accounts there are 209 protected accounts with more than 1 million tweets. The most active is the account @testtheyes "Thousand Eyes Test" with the 359944 tweets per month. If you have the twitter account with more 4,5 million tweets, congrats! You got the nomination to twitter top 10.

Meet top most active twitter accounts per lifetime (for all languages).

From 10 to 6 places are occupied mostly by English-language accounts with only Japanese at the last place.

10. @octifx has made 4.5 million tweets since February 2012. This is protected account with no followers. Japanese.

9. @AmexOffers has made 4.8 million tweets since February 2012. It is one of the official accounts of American Express. All tweets are personal, but as a native American, account easily talk with dead people. The names are not blue highlighted, you cannot click on it. That is just text, not the real users. Some accounts are clear bots with the count in the name.

8. @Favstar_Bot has made 5.4 million tweets between January 2010 and February 2013. Mostly are congratulations about the favorites count.

7. @acmc_clock_euro has made 5.8 million tweets since December 2009. This service provides precise ecliptical positions of the astrological ascendant and midheaven for major cities of EUROPE

6. @notiven has made 6.2 million tweets since June 2007. This is Venezuelan news curator and aggregator. The description is the only text in English. All tweets are in Spanish.

Top 5 most active twitter writes are Japanese.

5. @___Scc____ has made 7 million tweets since December 2011. Protected. Japanese.

4. @___sa__sa___ has made 7.1 million tweets since August 2011. Japanese

3. @NotFoundProfile has made 8.1 million tweets since February 2012. This protected account has no friends and followers at all. He tweets into space. Perhaps this is the modern version of Sisyphus. He is doomed to eternally tweet, but nobody will read it.

2. @RS_ian has made 10 million tweets between 6 December 2011 and 6 February 2012 . It’s pretty smiling anime girl with the сrazy stream of tweets was most active in 2012. It was active only 62 days and tweeted with average speed 2 tweets per second. Recent tweets were the conversations, with @nelsonxszif which is suspended now. All conversation tweets contain the 18-digits numbers

1.The ultimate champion, @VENETHIS has made 37.8 million tweets since August 2009.

It is Japanese anime account. At the beginning of 2016, he was protected . We could never find out what these millions of tweets . It would be a great loss for humanity. Even if he stops to tweet tomorrow, the account on the second place tweeting at the maximum of 100 tweets per hour (or 876 000 per year), will require more than 30 years to catch up with it. All top-10 accounts have very strange followers. There are no people among them, just because no one want to ruins own newsfeed.

We would like to highlight a few accounts from the second ten. There are tweeting eggs.

12 place of World Twitter Top @zealspirit 3.24 M tweets, 7 friends, 6 followers

15 place of World Twitter Top @r4s_ 3.24 M tweets, 1.1 M likes

17 place of World Twitter Top @getitupforme was suspended last week. It had 3.2 M tweets.

20 place of World Twitter Top @j3htweetypie 2.88 M tweets, 7 friends, 6 followers

Top accounts with English as selected language

10. @j3htweetypie 2.8 M

9. @acmc_clock_amer 2.8 M

8. @RealTimeHack 2.9 M

7. @getitupforme 3.2 M

6. @InternetRadio 3.9 M

5. @urbandictionary 4.3 M

4. @AmexOffers 4.9 M

3. @Favstar_Bot 5.4 M

2. @acmc_clock_euro 5.8 M

1. @notiven 6.2 M

The sad questions

1. Who and why run two protected accounts which have no followers for years?

2. How Social Media Manager of @AmexOffers can answer a hundred accounts which do not exist?

3. Why twitter suspended 75 accounts with more than 1,000,000 tweets just in 2016, not earlier?

4. Who is it possible to make 37M tweets from the single account without any automatization?

5. What do Twitter think about it?

The appendix

The ultimate twitter champion. @VENETHIS

№ 2 @RS_ian

№ 3 @NotFoundProfile

№ 4 @___sa__sa___

№ 5 @___Scc____

№ 6 @notiven

№ 7 @acmc_clock_euro

№ 8 @Favstar_Bot

№ 9 @AmexOffers

№ 10 @octifx