Chapter 3. The key marketplace

The true story


In the previous chapter, we found a lot of social media experts who follow AppzVenture’s bots. Some of them did not look real. The most suspicious was the account of Terry Bauman. Who is this smiling bride?

Her social magic tricks include words “Retweet Please” and low-quality wedding photo.

Her twitter @TerriBauman has 434 000 followers, but she following 432 000 peoples. Ok, she is mass back follower and she never read her followers. What does she do in twitter? She posts links on her blog . That exactly all social media experts do.

Terri is a passionate promoter for paid online surveys.

...Software for self-publishing on Amazon.

Sometimes she promotes social media marketing courses.

Most actively she promotes media jobs.

Digging a little deeper, her website was set up through an organization called “Whois Privacy Protection Service” – a person’s name isn’t listed, which is sort of strange for asocial media expert.

This work she offers has its specificity: you need to bring new people to increase your earnings. Ponzi-scheme? No, never heard about it…

We have bot-following social media expert who promotes bot-like social media job paid by ponzi-scheme. And she's wearing a wedding dress. Nothing special, isn't it?


What the most interesting clue we can find in @terribauman description? The link to her youtube account: PM2BIZ.Today we are lucky at finding social media experts! # Another one.

It’s Trinity Adam, and she's not dressed as a bride, which is not typical for social media experts (SME) in this community.What kind of social media products she sells? Let’s watch it on @trinityadam. Boring, it has nothing new. All content stolen from Terry Bauman. Оr vice versa. Trinity signed up earlier on Twitter.

Summarizing all above

There are at least two SME and one company's twitter accounts with more than 1 million followers combined. All accounts post every hour the same type tweets. That is a social media job for hopeless unemployments and students, kind of Mcjob for millennials. Job site proclame billing of payments, but it hides real name of owners. Is it legal?

There are numbers of photos and video of two real women. Those women are professional public speakers and TV anchors who imitate popular social media experts.Who are they in real life? Why no one knows anything about them except for fake profiles in social media?


Never know, where you can find the new plot of the story.In one of the chat we found an interesting post of one woman. She wrote that SME Trinity Adams doesn’t exist, but you can find this woman on under the nick Fayestap.Sounds strange. But ok, let’s check it. Indeed, she is!

“I will provide a professional voice over” - she said. She is a first social media expert who sells her face and voice for $5 for short advertising videos (product reviews, cooking…) ORLY? She is definitely a professional actress. Her name is Jessica Faye.Goodbye, Trinity! Nice to meet you, Jessica!

We will not search for a real name of Terri Bayman. We absolutely sure that she is the same kind of an advertising actress. The main question is the other. Who paid her for the video? Who made the channel, accounts, and company?

Captain obvious suggests that was beneficiaries of the semi-legal social media industry. Just enterprise possibility can afford such infrastructure and marketing. This is a significant investment and they should pay off. Basic economics is the same as in the black and white business.

But let's get back to the place where we found Jessica.

4. is a marketplace for… everything you want, includes fame and popularity. It doesn’t matter what they proclaim, it is the matter that it really is. According to top-5 “Featured Gigs”, is a marketplace for Youtube views and likes.

In addition to voice over and Youtube views an average bot social media expert needs in Twitter, Instagram, Facebook followers and likes. Obviously for fake social proof.Can we buy it on! We forgot about web and mobile traffic! Let us check it all.

We found that 43 Gigs are related to Instagram followers and the same for facebook.

We found 230 Gigs are related to twitter followers. At least 10 Gigs offers more than 10000 followers for $5.

5. rates sellers according to amount of transaction and customer experience from “new seller” to “Top Rated Seller”.

Who are sellers, who sell social media fakes? For example, who sell 10200 twitter followers?

Seller`s profile photo told us that her real name Kajal Aggarwal, and she is a popular Indian actress. There is a difference between Hollywood and Bollywood, but there is no universe in which popular actress sells twitter followers on between filming. Has the company no money for sellers verification or audit of Gigs? Or we can imagine that all followers and viewers are real people and they are sharing $4 per Gig. Can you imagine a people who will do some kind of job for $0,0004?


According to the november 2015 issue by PE HUB, generates close to 1 million digital transactions per month (12 mil. per year). takes $1 per every $5 sold Gigs. According to zoominfo data, has $35,000,000 revenue that means $175 000 000 Gigs was sold.

Gigs are only two kinds: personal favor and nonpersonal favor. For Gigs which is a personal favor, a seller must spend his own time to deliver it (logo design, programming, voice over). We estimate 1 hour per average Gig. It means that for this type of Gigs maximum is 8 clients per day.

For Gigs which is a non-personal favor, seller spends 5~10 minutes per Gig. So a seller can deliver 5~10 times more Gigs for clients per day and earn much more than classical Gig-freelancer.

The bot`s facts

1. There are a number of fake social media experts in twitter. There is, at least, one fake social media expert who is non-social media expert in real life.

2. Anyone can buy fake social capital (views, likes, followers) on

3. The most trusted sellers of social media followers are… fakes!

4. Selling followers and other bot social endorsements are more profitable.

Sad questions

1. How can we trace and estimate an amount of fake social capital?

2. How much earns by taking a share of sold social media Gigs?

3. It is OK for its founders and investors, that builds the largest marketplace for fake followers and likes (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) and views (Youtube, Spotify, sites)?

4. Who buys followers and likes on