Chapter 27. "Order Followers" for Hillary

The true story

June 9, Hillary Clinton proposed Trump to delete his account, and this tweet received more than 100,000 retweets per hour. If you read about this news at our site, you should be suspicious. And yes, it is not unfounded.

We monitor retweeters and followers of all the candidates who participated in the primaries. We were very interested in a tweet that the first few minutes showed thousands of retweets and likes, and continued to grow on. As you can see, now it has more than 400,000 retweets and 500,000 likes, growth has slowed, but not stopped. A more detailed analysis will be posted later, but for now, hot on the trail, we want to show you an anomaly, which attracted our attention.Among the accounts, looking like people according their stats, we found several thousand strange retweeters.

Firstly, they were created on 9 or 10 June. Most of them did not have followers, following, likes. During the first hours they posted a several hundreds of retweets, including that tweet of Hillary.

West European Time

Secondly, they all had the same name "Order Followers" and same description, but different screen names. Also, in the description, all they had a short reference to the site, as well as a unique serial number for each bot.

Another very important point. “Order Followers” use specific variations of the letter E from a variety of European languages. We have found the use of the letter from the Polish, Czech, Swedish, Dutch, German and other languages. Why was this done? This was done in order to these accounts could not be found using the search query.

When you click on a link in the description you go directly to the site www.shop4followers.comPerhaps you have already guessed what you can buy in this web shop.Here offer all kinds of social media engagement in any social network.

Let's look at the Twitter page. Must be said that the prices are very high. In earlier investigations Chapter 3. The key marketplace and Chapter 7. Ben, I need help we found sites where it all could be bought cheaper.

According to site has been registered by Mokgethwa Mapaya, Shipa Music, Johannesburgh, South Africa.

It has a good number of visitors. Based on the available data is difficult to define an approximate income of this company.

Finally, the most interesting fact. June 10, at 12.14 ET, all accounts "Order Followers", which retweeted Hillary, have been suspended.

Bots Ordér FoIIowérs, did not participate in a retweet party July 9 and 10, are still not suspended.

Other egg bots imitated the fake engagement are still alive too.




If you want to see more junky retweeters of that tweet, you can find it here.

The bot facts

1. Hillary Clinton’s social media team use bots for establishing the record of retweets during race 2016 social media war.

2. Some retweets were made by the group of accounts “Order followers” with the link to the shop of fake social media engagement.

3. Some of bot-accounts have retweeted both Hillary and Trump.

4. Thousands of “Order Followers” accounts was created in the same day when Hillary had did tweet.

5. Accounts “Order Followers” have made retweets in the order of the serial number.

6. “Order Followers” accounts have used the different tricks for search invisibility for twitter.

7. Thousands of “Order Followers” accounts was suspended by Twitter in the same moment, few hours after retweet.

8. Hillary Clinton has got national media coverage. The point of the news was the count of retweets.

9. The price “shop4followers” are $1800 for 400,000 retweets and $2500 for 500,00 likes without the wholesale discount.

The sad questions

1. How did bots without following have picked what tweet they should retweet?

2. How has Twitter found the “Order followers” group?

3. Should Twitter correct the count of retweets because of suspended accounts?

4. What was the real cause of the suspension?

5. Why did Twitter not suspend the other bot-retweeters?

Examples of Shop4follower’s bots, which retweeted Hillary’s epic tweet (now suspended)































Shop4followers retweeters screenshots