Chapter 24. The mortal imitation

The keys

Earlier we wrote the few key articles about political twitter botnets: Chapter 19about organizer of pro-Trump botnet JP Moore (Landman Marius).Chapter 15about 25 accounts with pro-trump logo glitches.Chapter 12about botmakers from Danton TX, who sold the stolen identity to the pro-Bernie botnet.Chapter 19about the relations of old pro-Trump bots and the old Italian media, who earns $7,000,000 by Google adSense fraud.

The victory

Both accounts and are suspended June, 7. UPDATE. @Trump_Videosis unsuspended now.

The true story

We are preparing a lot of non-political renewal of our site and did not plan to publish an article today. But yesterday we received the sad news. He is no longer with us. @Campaign_Trump had left Twitter. What a pity, we thought, but still decided to look into what happened. Here is the account, which now calls itself @Campaign_Trump. But is it the same account or some other? We do not really believe that Marius repented and decided to engage in honest business. But it is the same screen name, you might say. Yes, but… Don’t you know that you can change it to any free name, even if it was once taken?

Let us explore all about it. Archive.is31 May 2016 03:52

While we have written the article, Marius has uploaded new pictures. Archive.is31 May 2016 14:05

The first test is to determine the date of birth. To do this, you can use or a similar service. And here we have a surprise.

If it was only created on May 28, then whom we have seen the last 4 months? To understand, you need to know the ID of the account. Actually, the ID is the only unchanging sign by which your account can be identified. Let's see its ID using the servicemytwitterid.comor any similar.

But we know that his real ID 3314758074, and it was created 14.08.2015. This we can affirm you as the main researchers of Marius Landman. Ley’s use ID reverse servicetweeterid.comto know what is the new screen name of this ID.

Now Champaign_Trump looks like this. @Trump_Videos

For this purpose, it was necessary to make only three steps.

1. Register a new account with any name

2. Change @Campaign_Trump to @Trump_Videos

3. Rename the new account @Campaign_Trump.

Marius, why did you decide to hide? Do you think we will not find you? We are disappointed that you so underestimated us. Do you really think that this trick will be held with the authors of 4 parts of Cyberfactory? Nothing personal, just a fight with the social media fraud. To completely make sure that your account is one look at the history of tweets that lazy owner didn’t bother to remove.Here he jokingly complained that Bill Mitchell banned him.


And now he witty comments this tweet of Elizabeth Warren.


Queen of the evidence is a frank confession. What could be more convincing than pictures of Australian aircraft and familiar signature?


One of the first conversations of the renewed account of Marius we can find is the main character of the Chapter Zero


The sad questions

1. What is this more like: Marius is independent supporter or he is cunning old fox, who wants to earn some election money?

2. Why did Marius Landman has changed the names of compromised accounts?

3. What are the problem and the reason to keep the ID?

4. How much money Marius Landman has invested in the account with initial ID?

5. Is it possible, that Marius Landman is not the real owner of the ID and the botnet? Maybe he is the just freelancer without digital assets?

6. Who is the real investor of the pro-trump fuck-up botnet? Maybe, Hillary?


Yes! JP’s life is awesome.

The appendix