Chapter 23. The total imitation

The keys

Earlier we wrote the few key articles about political twitter botnets: Chapter 19is about organizer of pro-Trump botnet JP Moore (Landman Marius).Chapter 15is about 25 accounts with pro-trump logo glitches.Chapter 12is about botmakers from Danton TX, who sold the stolen identity to the pro-Bernie botnet.Chapter 19is about the relations of old pro-Trump bots and the old Italian media, who earns $7,000,000 by Google adSense fraud.

The true story

At May, 7 JP Moore (or Landman Marius) has the fresh account @MariusLandman with unexpected description: “We all have a small but vital part to play in making the world a better place. Please followmy cousin JP Mooreand help make the world better. Western Australia, Australia”.Web archive

From February, 28 to May, 24 the account has got 2,615 friends and 667 followers. InChapter 21we wrote about the account who is a part of both the pro-Bernie’s and the pro-Trump’s botnets. This account we found in the one of JP Moore’s lists.@MariusLandmanhas got his friends and followers by a botnet management software.Thanks to stressful twitter botnets war, we can see a lot of evidence, that the main pro-Trump botnet organizer works for pro-Cruz, pro-Rubio and pro-Bernie botnets at the same time.

Just one sad question

How much PAC’s money all candidates burn on fake twitter supporters?

The appendix

New followers from all GOP`s and Democrat`s botnets

The member of Trump 20K Twitter club follows him. It is logical. Among the screenshots you can find, that a lot of #Nevertrump accounts follows pro-Trump account @MariusLandman.

The friends

@MariusLandman has picked 2,616 friends (automatically). This list sorted from oldest to newest friends. He has started from "Denton for Bernie". Chapter 12 is about pro-Bernie botmakers from Denton. Why did he pick Denton?


Both accounts follow the fake Bill Mitchell.