Chapter 22. BotoCop. Part one

The unbelievable story about Vlad Shevtsov

We wrote the story about the trump’s 20k twitter club Chapter 19. The cyberfactory. Part one.

The author of site “JP Moore”, show us that @TrumpNewsNetwrk is one of the key accounts.

There is no chance, that any occasional account will be named Director of Communication, will be included in subscribers list and will be noticed as founding member account.

Jona Moore is the owner of @TrumpNewsNetwrk or fully trust to it.

May, 19 I have got the e-mail from anonymous, who named himself the owner of the. He ask us to remove mentions of the account from the articles.

I didn't know was he really “Anthony Sgroi” or somebody else.

This account @TrumpNewsNetwrk was mentioned 6 times.

1. “According to Director of Communication @TrumpNewsNetwrk it (community) has over 2,7 millioncombined followers”.

2. “The account @TrumpNewsNetwrk probably the second account of Jona Moore”.

3. @TrumpNewsNetwrk has retweeted the key sense of Trumps 20K twitter club: “The media shouldshow the crowd!”.

4. Second official account created the list of New 20K members.

5. Any pro-trump supporter with 5K followers can get 20K followers after a short callfrom @campaign_Trump or @TrumpNewsNetwrk.

6. The @TrumpNewsNetwrk includes in this 20K new members list @Don_Vito_08, the account who has started the anti-Cruz scandal.

The most explicit accusation seems contained in two sentences: “probably the second account of Jona Moore” and “Second official account”. Author of the letter claimed that he had no connection with Jona Moore and that @TrumpNewsNetwrk never belonged to Jona.

Ok, dear Anonymous (or as you called yourself, Anthony), you don’t want to show your face but accuse me that I do not check the data. Who are you and why our weird site has attracted your attention? He wrote that he is a policeman.I asked him to prove his ownership by posting a link to on@TrumpNewsNetwrk. He replied: “ ...I am not posting your article to my account. So I should post an article where I am accused of being Jona?”He has sent next letter without waiting for my answer. It was unexpected. It contains only five words and the screenshot.“How about this.. see attached”


A few hours later, he sent another one.

Anonymous “policeman” has sent the gun and bullets with name “Vlad Shevtsov”. It really is my name and I don’t hide it. Dear editors, reporters, journalists, did anyone else receive the photo of Sig Sauer 229 from “policeman” after the publication? How was I supposed to interpret it?If a political botnet is an insignificant thing and we are the untrustful source, just ignore the article.I’ve got another photos from the same email.

The next day, during the conversation, he sent me the other screenshots.

According to the photos, I had the conversation with a real person, who was a policeman, and he had the account’s password at the moment.

Anthony has sent me the mail and told, that Jona Moore (Marius Landman) made him director of communications without his knowledge or consent. Anthony has denied that he has made a call to any Trump 20k twitter club applicant.

The last screen received from Anthony Sgroi contains the twitter direct messages conversation between @campaign_Trump or @TrumpNewsNetwrk. Anthony has asked Jona to remove his account from the site in any contexts. According to screenshot, this conversation has been made May, 13. But is has no sense. Jona Moore (Landman Marius) has deleted all data from the site the day earlier.

According to the bookmarks on the laptop’s screenshot, Anthony related with “NJ Attorney General Gui...”, “NJCourts online: Log...”, “Ridgefield Park Police’ web-pages.

Detective Sergeant Anthony Sgroi at Police Department NJ was mentioned on official sites many times.

Prosecutor John Molinelli Jan. 2009

Ridgefield Park Detective BureauAug. 2010

Ridgefield Park Police Department2015

The account @TrumpNewsNetwrk has made tweets, with mentions of thing, related to professional police duty. I found the photo from the album “Aruba 2009” of user “Sgroi135”. I’ve got the gun photo from thisemail.

In this photo you can see how really looks the whole man, whose leg you have seen in the photos above.

Detective Sergeant Anthony Sgroi tried to convince me (not clear why) that he is not associated with the botnet and the fact that it is mentioned on the site without his consent. The site was registred April, 4 and was opened April, 7.The first set of content (mostly Trump 20K Club) was deleted April, 11.

Let’s associate it with a tweet of 7 April.

April 7. 5:14 PM. Linkto the web archive.

The Bot facts

1. Det. Sgt. Anthony Sgroi is the owner of the @TrumpNewsNetwrk account. The account doesn’t belong to Jona Moore.

2. The account @TrumpNewsNetwrk is the contact for new applicants for Trump 20K twitter club. Det. Sgt. Anthony Sgroi should have the access to police databases.

3. Trump 20K twitter club is the core of pro-trump botnet organized by Jona Moore (Landman Marius). The official Trump campaign’s social media director @Danscavino knows about the club.

4. Detective Sergeant Anthony Sgroi (Ridgefield park Police Department, NJ) has sent the photos of the police gun and the bullets to the editor, who has exposed organizers of the pro-Trump botnet.

The sad questions

1. How many other policemen has got 15,000 followers for the 8-month-old political account almost without the original content?

2. How Detective Sergeant Anthony Sgroi (Ridgefield park, NJ) related to Jona Moore (Landman Marius)?

3. What means the fact of emails with the photo of police gun, bullets, and the name “Vlad Shevtsov”?

4. Colonel Rick Fuentes, is those all a part of Professional Standards of Police Department NJ?

This is not the end. To be continued…