Chapter 20. Wall Street Italia. Part two

The true story

Luca Ciarrocca has founded Wall Street Italia in 1997. He also has found Wall Street S.W.A.T. We wrote about both sites in the “Chapter 20. Wall Street Italia. Part one”.

According to Wikipedia, Wall Street Italia has two major traffic drivers. The financial crisis 2008-2011 and that site were the first news source about WTC attack. This is in September 27, 2001 Can you find anything about the tragedy?

Luca Ciarrocca sold in 2014. And today he is the founder of with 275 daily visitors according to easycounter. For comparison, today has 16,9K daily visitors, according to the same source.

The buyer was Massimiliano Valente, the founder of the company “Gruppo Html”. The group starts from, the first Italian site about web design. It was launched in 1997. Now Gruppo Html includes sites:

All sites have millions monthly pageviews and a lot of advertising spots. In addition, it has unpopular sites registers on related companies and peoples. Most traffic comes from Italian IP.

Gruppo HTML is the owner of 100% shares of TAG advertising. This digital agency sells ads across the network to main auto and FMCG brands. The sites monthly visitors and pageviews according to the agency you can check here. For example, has 23,000,000 pageviews monthly.

We found that traffic was not stable. For example, had 88K daily pageviews in November 2015, Now it has 32K pageviews. But in January 15 the site had 240K.

Pageviews count downgrade 7,5 times during 16 months. had 1,4M daily pageviews at December 2014. Now it has 300K page views. But in November pageviews count downgrade to 0,2M. 30% of traffic the generated by subdomain and 13% of the traffic generated by subdomain

For the explanation of the traffic rollercoaster, lets to analyze content.

All sites are created on the same content management system. We check a number of advertising systems. All sites have not only “TAG advertising” siblings, but Google AdSense and other global systems.

All sites have an editorial glitches. For example, the most productive financial journalist, who can write articles about literally all markets, bonds, funds is admin of the site. On the other sites, a part of journalists has a fake identity, but a part of them are exactly real humans. This is not quite typical for a popular site.

All sites have hidden the contacts of journalists. The site just forwards you to the main page if you want to read the authors list.

All sites have short and simple texts with endless quotations, thousands of pages are the senseless rewrite.

All those facts are clear signs of a content factory.

What's about social media engagement? All accounts are full of Italian bots.

Editor of the site use the rectangular format of advertising spot instead of square, so it ruins all site layout. This site is about productive management, it has 99K pageviews per day, and no one care.

Jun 25, 2014 - Public Italian online company Triboo Media (BIT:TBM) has acquired 100% of online publisher Gruppo HTML for EUR 10.85 million (USD 14.8m) in cash.

Bot's Facts

1. Wallstreet Italia Inc earns $7,000,000 in 2015. It’s owner Gruppo HTML was sold for $14,800,000 in cash in 2014.

2. The same owner has media assets in highly unrelated themes (food, beauty, auto, finance).

3. All the traffic is Italian. All sites are full of low-quality unoriginal content and advertisnig of international brands.

Sad questions

1. How will you enlarge the earnings, if you have a limited amount of IP for AdSense bots?

2. What was the cause of 5x-10x traffic fluctuation for all the sites?

3. Does Google check the intersection of IPs of visitors of different sites, related to one stakeholder?

4. Why public company Triboo Media bought such strange assets?

Who buyer is?

According to Google Finance.

Triboo Media SpA focuses on two activities: Media and E-commerce. The Media activity offers digital advertising services with integration between products and technology in a vertical editorial network for national and international online advertisers and media agencies. The E-commerce activity is aimed to retail brands and offers the online and mobile sale, as well as it offers marketing strategy and planning. It operates throught Triboo Editoriale Srl, Triboo Media SpA, LeonardoADV Srl, LEADOO, Brown Editore SpA and MediaPrime, as well as unit MOBOO ADV, specialized in mobile communication strategies. The main shareholder of the Company is Triboo SpA.

According to Reuters

Mr. Giulio Corno serves as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Triboo Media S.p.A. He collaborated with the rating agency Standard & Poor's providing assistance in launching the subsidiaries in France, Spain and Italy. Over the years he has provided financial and strategic advice to numerous Italian and international industrial groups. He is the main shareholder of Triboo Media S.p.A. He holds an M.B.A. and a B.B.A., both from George Washington University, in Washington DC, USA.