Chapter 20. Wall Street Italia. Part one

The true story

This is account from the end of previous story.

The domain is not available for “Who is” now.

The old copy from the webarchive is broken. In this copy made August 3, 2009 we found just statistics from

The site looks like the non-human links hell.

Let’s read the code of the old web-page.

Anyone can see “Feed CNN Money” and a stack of links. This is the one of the blocks with the links.

In the footer, we found the name of the owner. “Wall street Swat is a trademark of Wall street SWAT, Inc.”

The organisation “Wall Street S.W.A.T, INC” is not active, but we found the registered agent. His name is Ciarrocca Luca from Miami Beach, FL.

We found that Luca Ciarrocca now related with the similar organization “Wallstreet Italia”.

This is definitely not a branch of According to Wikipedia, it is the largest Italian financial site. It tries to look serious financial magazine, but in fact has a number of features that allow determining that it is automatically generated.

Look at the another screenshot of from 2009 year. We highlighted the blocks with the partners links, the average news by Wall Street Italia, two Google AdSense advertising blocks.

This is the average news with two advertising spots (Google Adsense). This is the full text of the article.

This screen from the web archive told us about Wall Street Italia links partners.

According to Advertising kit, the site has 9,8M pageviews and 366K unique visitors per month in 2008 year.

The site had 20 000 000 advertising impressions per month (October 1st/ October 31st).

According to, had 239K pageviews per day in 2015. has $480 daily minimal estimation of advertising income.

This is the media which consists of links and SEO texts. What is the reason to read it? The advertising and the partner’s links. Bot’s are crazy about it.

As we told earlier, the former owner of Domain is the Charman at WallStreet Italia.

Wall Street Italia Inc. is the owner of domain and it is the US company which earns $7,000,000.

Who is the owner of Wall Street Italia Inc?

The organization “GruppoHTML”, has 7 sites, the advertising agency and it is the part of Tribo Media.

What is the problem with this site? There never been humans. Let’s not make traffic analysis, just see who writes for this media. These authors can play movies ghosts, spirits or the invisible man. None of them mentioned in social networks or other media, there is no evidence of their existence.The most popular author of the website is Admin, who wrote 134 540 articles.

The anonymity and the mind-blowing amount of articles are typical for content-farms, where freelancers generate plagiary texts full of keywords for search engine optimization.

In the end, we found one author, but it was the high-quality bot with a stolen digital identity.

She has her own site

She also has the Linkedin account, , which is not mentioned Wall Street Italy, and the Twitter account @IDAPAGNOTTELLA, which is followed just by the primitive bots.

Sad facts

Only 12 hours ago, we had no idea about the existence of Wall Street Italy. This time, we had enough to understand that this site is a fraud. Over the past 8 years, it stole from Google a few million dollars.

We remind you that the investigation began with a very old bot, which quoted Trump. Now you can see that the creators of high-quality botnets started their way in the digital crime long before the appearance of social media and have extensive experience in a theft of advertising money.

Sad questions

According to the study of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and Ernst & Young, fraudulent impressions steals $8.2 billion annually from U.S. advertisers.

We wonder how much money was stolen from other advertisers, for example, in Europe? And what about stolen by Wall Street Italy millions? Are included in this 8 billion or not?

To be continued...