Chapter 19. The cyberfactory. Part three

The True story

Throughout the campaign, since the summer of 2015, the use of quotation of bots pretend to be supporters was effective, brought variety to monotonous feed, and allowed to run scandals.

March 24, on our website appeared the article “Make America Bot Again. Part one”, about the numerous quotations of fake followers made by Donald Trump. Prior to that, this theme is never covered in the press, blogs and social media.

April 11, Business Insider UK published the article “Trump has quoted Twitter bots 150 times, according to this analysis of his tweets” by Jim Edwards. Trump stopped quoting bots to the evening of April 15th. For two days he quoted fake supporters 8 times.

April 17, Wall Street Journal published “Trump’s Edge on Twitter Cuts Both Ways” By Natalie Andrews, 2016. 17 and 18 April these tweets again disappeared from the feed. But the next day, quoting continued.

April 21, Associated Press published the article “Trump's Twitter provokes huge following, trouble” by Jeff Horwitz and Chad Day. The week after the publication passed without a single quote.

None of the articles did not bring this subject to the top. But the authors asked officials of Trump team about bots quoting on Twitter. It was enough for this activity has come to naught. Responsible for Trump’s social media employees are afraid of attention the theme and don’t want to receive uncomfortable questions one more time.

We already thought that this practice finally stopped. We were about to jump to another topic, but last night there was another quote. It would be better if they were not to do this. Our rapid analysis and 12-hour investigation led to the result that we were surprised.

That is the most unfortunate quote.

This is the “author” of the original tweet. Some say, she is a woman, who joined Twitter in 2009, and tweeted since 2014.

You can check her contacts.

She loves to retweet pro-Trump’s eggs, who make mistakes in the well-known names.

In general, according to her feed, she had not slept all night, discussing the emotions of such an important event as a retweet ... no, the quote of her tweet.

For now, even pro-Trump`s trolls know the difference between retweet and quotation.

The earliest of the tweet found was made October 16, 2014. If she has tweeted before this date, her tweets have been deleted.

She began to follow Trump’s family accounts with Donald, Melania and some guy in a red cap.

“Women for Bernie” follows the account quoted by Trump. Why? Is it confused the botnet?

Who were the first very strange followers?

The first bot-follower is the Interior designer from New Zealand. This is dead account.

The next one is an interior designer from Vancouver.

This is its shop.

Account for sale. The cocktail from mass-following, celebrities and TMZ tabloid links. How high was the popularity of Twitter when this account was created?

This account related to crazy old blog… and mass-following.

Among the first followers, most interesting and most suspicious is the account “Wall Street S.W.A.T”

Zoom to SWAT.

The domain is not available for “Who is” now. The old copy from the shows us this.

A more detailed analysis showed that hundreds of thousands of links were posted on the website and there was not any original content. This technology is a classical laundry which mixes organic search and non-human traffic. It sent traffic to world famous financial and business media.

It is very strange for traffic laundry to follow bots. It is reasonable, that creator of the site related with the old bot, that quoted Trump, and its botnet.

Who is the creator of, you can read the Chapter 20. Wall Street Italia. Part one”.