Chapter 19. The cyberfactory. Part two

This is the second part of the big investigation about political cyborgs.

The Chapter 19. The cyberfactory. Part zero

The Chapter 19. The cyberfactory. Part one

The true story

NYtimes told us the probable course why Trump has hired Mr Paul Manafort.

Ok, Paul, let’s try become more professional. In the “Chapter 19. Cyberfactory. Part one” we wrote that the founder of Trump 20K Twitter club Jona Moore and mining manager Marius Landman have similar photos.Look at the photo from the account@campaign_Trump

There is site whose domain owner is protected by anonymizer.

Photo from the site. And the photos from the Bill Mitchell’s tweet.

Is Marius Landman a real person?

Is this identity was stolen by @campaign_Trump? Pro-Trump Bill Mitchell has highlighted some backstage methods.

We think that “crazy” story was about sex-scandal, but we found the evidence, that it was not the first story, launched by a Trump`s quotation. Earlier the dirty trick has been tested by the fake Iowa follower @LandmanMarius.

Donald Trump (or his twitter club) knows about @LandmanMarius account, and December, 28 has quoted his anti @jebbush tweet.

The next target was the IOWA Cruz campaign.

@LandmanMarius was not just fake follower or scandal launcher. The account was a mentor for other fake followers (cyborgs).

You can read the sources of the stories.

Trump social media thugs asked to stand down for NH primary day?

FAKE pro-Trump twitter account claims voter fraud in #IowaCaucus

UPDATE: Fake Trump account makes fake claims about Ted Cruz

According to the sources, @LandmanMarius has the names “IOWA for TRUMP” and “Campaign for Trump”. For now, all tweets are deleted and it has changed the name to "stephenfry".

According to the article “UPDATE: Fake Trump account makes fake claims about Ted Cruz”, The account @landmanMarius has the grayscale photo of Marius Landman.

You can find the original photo. But we don’t know the source of this Bill Mitchel’s screenshot.

@LadyLiberty1885 has highlighted the initial source of the Marius’ photo.

Now, domain redirecting to

First of all, we checked, that Marius Landman from Australia is a real person. We found his Australian personal domain.

Then we found his personal email address.

Then we found the Australian advertising page with real Marius Landman and new email address.

Then we checked the mail at domain.

And any email addresses, related with domain


We found another site.

Which is related with Landman’s personal e-mail.

Marius from Australia is definitely a real person. There is another account with his photo. Look at the description.

And it follows the former pro-trump cyborg @landmanMarius for some reason.

As we know, the person behind @landmanMarius is @campaign_Trump now.

The account @campaign_Trump is pro-Trump troll.

The description with his old profile picture.

Do you remember the red cap? As we know, the person behind @landmanMarius is @campaign_Trump now is, probably, Jona Moore, founder Trump 20K twitter club, with 2,7M followers combined.

There are screens with the history of @campaign_Trump descriptions.

IOWA FOR TRUMP, Australian expats support GOP?

From Texas, working in AUS, HSE audit solution for oil&gas&mining?

Just the reminder about Marius, HSE, Australia and audit.

Shorten bio for 5 months ago. Maybe @campaign_Trump impersonate Marius Landman`s identity for the year...

...or not?

Maybe, Marius has no relations with GOP? Nope.

Today, too many questions, answers will be in the next part.

To be continued...