Chapter 19. The cyberfactory. Part one

The true story

Trump has highlighted some interesting accounts by the quotations. We found, that most of that account are bots or cyborgs. One of most popular among them was the account@campaign_Trump

11 April he has protected his account and has deleted the description. Now it is already opened.

This is the old description of his account.

Now has just the one sentence.

Earlier, the site had more interesting information. What was it about? It was about the scale of pro-Trump’s botnet. According to Director of Communication @TrumpNewsNetwrk it has over 2,7 million combined followers.

The account @TrumpNewsNetwrk probably the second account of Jona Moore.

You may see Jona Moore at Trump Florida Rally.

He is an administrator The American Expat Database who will vote for Mr. Trump (according to him, 1.25 million people). Аccording to the State Department, 7.6 million Americans live outside the territorial limits of the U.S.

How did club 20K work? You should have 5K followers and phone for enlarging your followers. The team may have a quick phone call with you.

Google cash save just names of accounts the Trump 20K twitter founding members.

As you can see, some of them are real people and some are non-human accounts.

What are they doing? This is the link to google cash with still existing examples of blog.

This is the link to the anti-Cruz channel, promoted by It uses official news, fakes from social networks for anti-Cruz propaganda.

All club members follow and retweet each other. A spokeswoman for Trump's campaign may decline to answer the anyone questions about Trump's Twitter activity. We have the evidence that Official Director of Trump’s SocialMedia @DanScavino knows about 20K followers club.

The second after the founder’s account is Josh Gremillion, state Director of Texas “Students for Trump”.

We pick some of his tweets.

Official Director of Trump’s SocialMedia @DanScavino even takes the part in 20K club retweet-party.

@TrumpNewsNetwrk has retweeted the key sense of Trumps 20K twitter club: “The media should show the crowd!”.

Pro-Trump “flesh-and-blood” Bill Mitchell has highlighted some backstage methods.

What is the most “crazy” story that everyone retweets?

We wrote about it here.

As we know from the site description, the members of 20K club retweet each other. Second official Jonamore.comaccounthas created the list ofNew 20K members.You can see that Don Vito @don_vito_08 is the member of 20K Club as Josh Gremillion.

Trolls do not attack just Cruz’s supporters. Bill Mitchell continue highlighting backstage. There was the clash of bots.

So, we probably know that the real name of Jona Moore is Landman Marius.

Some trolls use urban slang to fight with Bill Mitchell

You can compare the photo from the account,

From the site. And the photos from The Bill Mitchell’s tweet.

It seems, that photos have been stolen… or not.

What is the reason for bot-master war? Money and power, as a usual. Jona Moore (or Landman Marius) has published the open letter about his boss Paul Manifort on the site.

The new job is a reason to delegate his account management to one of most active bot-operators. This list told us about other ‘flesh-and-blood’ Trump 20K twitter club members.

It seems, that @Campaign_trump win the own competition. It is reasonable, because of his new job in California.

The bot’s facts

1. There is the site which is official Trump twitter 20K club.

2. The site has proclaimed, that it has over 2,7 million combined followers.

3. Any pro-trump supporter with 5K followers can get 20K followers after a short call from @campaign_Trump or @TrumpNewsNetwrk

4. The list of Trump 20K twitter club founding members includes @joshgremillion, State Director of Texas “Students for Trump”.

5. Official Director of trump’s SocialMedia @DanScavino knows about the members of the club and retweeted them.

6. The @TrumpNewsNetwrk includes in this 20K new members list @Don_Vito_08, the account who has started the anti-Cruz scandal.

7. The site has published the letter with the mention of Paul Manafort about the new job of the site founder.

8. @campaign_Trumphas the new description. “JP Moore is an Executive Advisory Board member to Paul Manafort & Campaign. Confidant to Icahn Enterprises. Now moving to California State”.

9. Paul Manafort was the new chief of Trump’s campaign instead of Corey Lewandowski.

The sad question

Has Jona Moore stolen Landman Marius’s digital identity, or not?

The appendix

Trump 20K twitter club founding members according to the site

There are tree accounts excluded from the public list.

The accounts included in the public list.

Kim 4 Trump @MirageRanch

#TrumpForPresident #MAGA #TrumpTrain #TrumpSupporters #WeLoveTrump #HillaryForPrison #CruzEliminaTED #KasichEliminated #NoTrumpNoVote #DumpTheEstablishment

The Trumpident @The_Trumpident

Without passion you don't have energy, without energy you have nothing-DT Inspired citizen, energized by the idea of Making America Great Again! #TRUMP2016

TrumpNewsNetwork @TrumpNewsNetwrk

All things all Trump! R/T does not equal endorsement! This page is not endorsed by The Donald. This page is for spreading the Trump-Mania!

USA Trust Trump @USATrustTrump

Voting For ANYONE OTHER THAN Trump Fits The Definition Of Insanity; You Will Only Get Different Results With Donald Trump.

GodGuns&Trump @PatriotByGod

#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #WinTrumpWin #30Seconds4Trump #IDateOnlyTrumpSupporters



Josh Gremillion @joshgremillion

Official Twitter of Josh Gremillion- State Director of Texas • Students for Trump • @TrumpStudents @TrumpStudentsTX #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Kristin Billitere @SpecialKMB1969

Entrepreneur inspired by the Trump Movement #MAGA Anti #Feminists the Word of God, Christian! #artist #patriot #Trump2016 Chair St.Johns & Ponte Vedra

Scott Isbell @scottisbell_

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Ziplok @Ziplok_

Ziplok - Donald J Trump - Ziploc - Computer - Music - Sports - Human Rights Activist -TV - Radio - New Hampshire #Trump2016 #TrumpTrain

John Stephenson @JayS2629

Proud anti-Islam libertarian leaning conservative disabled AF Vet &home brewer & Trump fan! Love craft beer and bacon! Open 2 logical argument.