Chapter 17. Troll`s ring and brands

The true story. Part one

Once we have written the story of one bot. Today we show you the story of one of the political troll.

Do you remember this?

We wrote about this case of troll usage and Heidi Cruz picture scandal

Pumba has the same profile identity with other pro-Trump`s troll, which has launch anti-Cruz photo. For some reasons, Pumba changes Identity a few days ago.

He mentions the scandal Trump`s quotation and @don_Vito_08 as a hero.

Pumba frequently attacks media persons, especially @benshapiro

This is the typical tactic for trolls. Another victim of Pumba was Christina Wilkie (tweet).

Christina Wilkie is national Reporter at The Huffington Post covering policy and politics.

Earlier Christina has written the story highlighting the some contradictions Black Donald Trump Supporters Get Cozy With White Nationalist

So it was the signal for attack for pro-trump trolls band.

Look at Pumba`s following list to answer “Who Pumba is?”

It is following Trump and Trump`s family.

Pumba follows the Trump`s official race 2016 team.

Corey Lewandowski is not newsmaker or official spokesman, so there is no reason for an average real Trump`s supporter to follow him.

The next account is more suspicious. Why does he follow Michael Cohen? Michael is the non-public person, only PR professionals and political reporters should know him.

Some say “Pumba is an anonymous supporter”. Nope. Why does he follow the Russian-language account?

It is a very strange account of the self-proclaimed Russian nobleman, who retweets his own second account. Both accounts are mass back-followers and have no relations with Trump at all.

Earlier we wrote about quoted by Trump bots and establish, that they are the part of the botnet.

We find that Campaign_Trump which very popular account among bots. Campaign_Trump follows Pumba as the other pro-Trump bots.

It is clear, that Pumba is the one of the millions pro-Trump bots created for trolling.

The true story. Part two

We found another “The Great Pumba” account. It has just one tweet. February 27, it told us that it created as “Backup account just in case :)”.

Some pro-Trump`s bots followed it already.

And troll number 2 follows other bots and @Camaign_Trump account.

We found more “Thegreatpumba” trolls.

Troll number 65 picks the verified account of Dan Scavino, Trump`s director of social media. Why?

It follows the same bots as the troll number 2.

Trolls not just follows other trolls. Do you remember the troll number 1?

The troll number 65 has commented the tweet of the troll number 1.

All those accounts are for political trolling and probably operated by the one commenter. It doesn’t look like he does it for free. That is the troll ring.

The true story. Part three

Why does twitter can`t delete these accounts? The answers are hidden in the list of troll`s followers. We found four verified accounts of corporations which are following this pro-trump troll.

To be clear, Pumba doesn’t follow these accounts. This is not the back following. Pumba definitely can`t be the client of those companies because of the content of his tweet feed.

One more time. Pumba NEVER follows these verified accounts of brands.

These brand’s social media manager somehow found the Pumba among the hundreds of million accounts and pressed “follow” button. We do not know why they did it, but we know who can answer the sad question. But first, let's look at these accounts.

Airplanes love Pumba.

@DeltaAssist (it is mass-follower with 100K accounts in friends list)

Pizza loves Pumba

@dominos (mass follower with 45K friends).

And Money loves Pumba

@AskEquifax (1,9K friends).

And the other ring in our investigation: @BarclaycardRing follows pro-trump`s troll.

Barclays is a British multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London. It is a universal bank with operations in retail, wholesale and investment banking, as well as wealth management, mortgage lending and credit cards. It has operations in over 50 countries and territories and has around 48 million customers

@BarclaycardRing follows just 87 accounts. Except the Trump`s troll, we found among them financial reporters, competitors, financial services and other Barclay's divisions accounts.

The recent one is @TimRoss23

We don't know why, but a few accounts follow them. Maybe he is a VIP client?

Maybe, according to his tweets, he is a potential “millennial client”? Who is he anyway?

Who can answer the questions?

@JenHitchens is social media Manager @BarclaycardRing

According to LinkedIn, she is not an average social media manager, but Assistant Vice President, Social Media & Community Management. She is not alone social media employees at Barclaycard.

Denny Suh (Head of Social Media & Digital Content Strategy) newer has seen the followers of Barclays social media accounts.

Perhaps he still holds his job just because the board of directors did not see it.

The sad questions

All questions which John McFarlane (Chairman) and Jes Staley (Group Chief Executive) should ask Jen Hitchens and her colleagues will be absolutely sad.

1. WTF is going on in Barclaycard twitter account?

2. How they find pro-Trump troll`s account and why are they follow him?

3. What is the benefit they bring to their company?


According to NASDAQ BARCLAYS PLC has 2,460,555 shares of Twitter.