Chapter 15. Make America Bot Again. Part five

The true story

In the Chapter 15. "Make America Bot Again. Part three" we did Trump`s quotations Q1 2016 review

Today we will review 32 accounts quoted by Trump during the first April decade. It is obvious, that Trump has quoted his supporters. We exclude the verified accounts and double quoted accounts.

Among non-verified accounts, we found the 6 accounts with human photos. In addition, Trump`s supporters include trump`s photo, trump`s logos, dogs, cats, US and UK flag, the parrot, the heart, the 6 eggs and the bridge. All screens you can see at the end of the issue.

We pick some interesting accounts.


Imagine two unfamiliar women, which are meeting at Trump`s party, and find that they have the same dress and shoes, and the same trump.



The double of profile pictures are not the only glitch among 32 quotations. Trump has quoted comment, based on the disappeared tweet. Quotation consists of the original tweet by @cindyboyenga and the comment of @007cigarjoe

For any reason @cindyboyenga deleted her tweet.

Trump can quote even nonexistent tweets. That is an amazing Trump`s magic. @cam retweeted Trump`s quotation of his own tweet.

@cam has 72 tweets & replies combined. Try to find the original tweet. Use “page down” button for download all tweets and “CTRL + F” for search “Reports are RNC” query. Surprise! No, sorry. No surprise.

Quotation by Trump maybe dangerous. R.I.P @jlopez05391

The account was dead for 2 hours after Trump`s quotation.

To quote, or to retweet, that is the question...

There is a critical visual difference between quotation and retweet.

Anyone can see the profile picture who was retweeted.

No one can see the profile picture in a quotation. Here is no exposed profile picture. You should tap or click on the name to see it.

There is the difference in a tweeting process. Making a quotation with a mobile gadget is very hard (just try to do it yourself). Twitter still has no button “quote like Trump”.

Trump`s account manager should do two things. For the first, he finds and pick up the original tweets, which is very difficult for nonexistent tweets. For the second, he opens the original tweet, write the name of an account, add a colon, then copy-paste the text of the original tweet. He definitely uses a desktop twitter-manager solution.

Why did he quote? Trump never use his own media resource for enlarging somebody engagement. Making quotations of the different accounts is Trump's know-how. A quotation is a legal way to use “user-generated content”, to emulate the large and diverse community. Moreover, it is very useful for launching the dirty content memes, like this

Well, the main reason. Unlike retweet, while quoting no picture is shown. And you can safely quote the eggs.

Why these accounts are bots?

Here are the 4 main reasons, just in general terms, without rigorous science.

The first one is for most active them.

1 . It is nonhuman extreme pro-Trump activity. They make a lot of retweets/likes of the official Trump’s team accounts and fake supporters, often use popular hashtags just to start it trending.

The other three are common to all.

2 . They are completely integrated into the Trump botnet. They follow pro-Trump accounts and pro-Trump bots, and only bots follow them. Many of these accounts follow each other and post exactly the same content. And the same thing they read in their feed, with tens and hundreds of retweets.

3 . They are not included in a human community. In the real world, it would exist in a vacuum. Among their followers impossible to find accounts that are clearly people.

4 . They don`t have their own goals, they are absolutely depersonalized, all their actions are meaningless for a specific person. In terms of the context analysis, the existence of such phenomena is nonsense. These characteristics are completely normal only to bots.

The bot`s facts

1. There are 6 human photos and 6 egg-profiles among 32 accounts, quoted by Trump. The draw.

2. There are three cases with disappearing tweets or accounts during 10 days. Those Trump`s quotations have more 2,5K retweets. This means a lot of followers may saw this tweet many times. Nobody cares about that glitches among millions pro-trump followers.

The sad questions

1. Why Donald Trump can’t find several hundred of real supporters to quote them?

2. Who picks up tweets for Trump`s quotation? Why he prefer eggs and non-human accounts?

3. How many Trump`s followers among 2,5K retweeters did it after the tweet was deleted? Who are they?

4. There are a lot of “user-generated content” in Trump`s twitter, but who generates those users?

5. Is it legal to create fake followers for imitating the massive support?

The quotations and the accounts

How Trump`s feed looks if Trump use retweets with the exposed profile pictures. Most recent quotations are on top. Please, send us your suggestions, who of them can be a real person.






@governor_savage (Human)