Chapter 15. Make America Bot Again. Part three

The true story

Donald Trump has made retweets very rare. He has made quotes. He opens the original tweet, write the name of the account, adds a colon then copy-paste the text of the original tweet.

You can see the difference. This is a retweet.

This is a quotation.

Why did he quotes? Trump will never use own media resource for enlarging somebody engagement. All likes and retweets are enlarging just Trump`s and nobody else engagement.

In 2016 Donald Trump has quoted bot-accounts many times:

In January - 49 times

In February - 60 times

In March - 41 times.

We found 150 unique twitter accounts. Some accounts are half-bots, half-trolls. (accounts operated by professional social media provoker).

We grouped Trump`s quotes (for March and February) in the albums.Conclusions are apparent when all accounts are grouped according to certain characteristics. egg-profile bots. protected accounts deleted and suspended bots. fake supporters more 10k tweets more 2k friends other bots

This link is for all accounts quoted by Trump in January 2016.

Yesterday Donald Trump made two more quotations, number 151 and 152.Of course, it was again bots. We have analyzed all of these 150 accounts, but let's start with fresh bots.

151 . @Gearssuxs

It was created March 4, 2013.

From March 11 to 19, it made 17 tweets. The rest of 1150 it made during the period from 20 to 30 March. That is an average of 115 tweets per day. There is incredible activity after three years of silence: 580 replays, 25 tweets, 563 retweets.

The largest number of retweets got unofficial supporter Trump MicroChip.

MicroChip ‏@WDFx2EU113

FOX network (different accounts mentioned Trump) 50

Donald J. Trump ‏@realDonaldTrump37

Dan Scavino ‏@DanScavino16

This is very unusual behavior for humans. But this is normal for a simple bot billet, stored for 3 years. Now is the time to play its part. What happens with these bots then you can read in one of our earlier articles.

Chapter 14. Nobody from Nowhere. Part One

Chapter 14. Nobody from nowhere. Part two

152. @susanbirchfiel1

It was created October 1, 2015. At first, he was quiet, but it became more active in the last 40 days.

It made during this period almost 8,000 tweets and 10,000 likes, all of them are pro-Trump.

A sudden burst of activity as 200 tweets and 250 likes per day is definitely abnormal behavior for humans.

But this is not even the main thing. Look closely at the profile picture. This is a real headshot.

This picture with double different Trump`s logo was made by an algorithm, like thousands of similar images in fake pro-Trump accounts. It had never been watched by people, even by those who created it. Needless to say that the picture is stolen from someone else's account of any of the social networks.

Zoom to the profile picture.

Look at the logos separately in two different pro-Trump accounts.


Retweets and likes are made by the algorithm, friends and followers are made by the algorithm, and finally, the picture is made by the algorithm. We remind these are the accounts of supporters, which was quoted by Trump.

The sad questions

1. How much Trump`s official social media budget is?

2.Is it legal to use fake social networks supporters in the race 2016?

The stack of screenshots and accounts

Deleted or suspended accounts were quoted by Trump.

1 . Accounts were deleted by owner (not exist now)

2 . Accounts were suspended by Twitter

@jack why did you ban pro-Trumps supporters? @RealDonaldTrump, why @jack can ban your supporters with impunity? Is it not media war?

This pack of screenshots can be named “Eggs4trump”.

Bot with the funny profile picture.

Bots with more 10k tweets.

Bot with almost 200k tweets.