Chapter 15. Make America Bot Again. Part one is the non-political team fighting against the social media fraud ecosystem.

We are not affiliated with any of the candidates. Views are our own.

The true story

In March 23 @realDonaldTrump has made the tweet session. He has quoted a few followers.





Later he has quoted @missi51 and @TimVincent56

We don’t know why @realDonaldTrump picked these followers from his 7.17M, but his choice was amazing. He has quoted fake followers in his tweets and use the botnet for the fast growing count of the likes and the retweets.

Let’s look closer to his yesterday friends.

@Don_Vito_08 with his tweet about “A picture is...”.

@Don_Vito_08 is the active supporter - he has #MakeAmericaGratAgain, #TrumpTrain, #AlwaysTrump hashtags in the description and he made 27,9K tweets.

@Don_Vito_08 collects pro-Trump bots with the same background picture.

@Don_Vito_08 is a classical bot - his twitter feed is a cocktail of @realDonaldTrump`s retweets, @realDonaldTrump`s news and tweets of @realDonaldTrump`s bots. Shaken, not stirred.

@Kj11100Me has no background and the profile pictures. He has just 676 tweets.

But his followers are the same pro-trump bots. For example, “Katherine Rivers” who looks like the airplane.

@Kj11100Me follow just 9 accounts. You can find the celebrity, the verified accounts, the pro-Trump bots and @MichaelCohen212.

According to the description, @MichaelCohen212 is the Trump Organization EVP and Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump. He is a very popular among pro-Trump bots.

The next one is @tcsorr.

Do you really think the profile picture is a photo of real Trump supporter?

There is the same “Katherine Rivers” bot among followers.

The most interesting bot quoted by Trump is @DebraRakestraw.

Debra, who are you, bot or a real woman? Tell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. Her friend Mia has 105K tweets (mostly retweets) and 104K likes. And all this rubbish is read by 12,300 people.... Sorry, bots.

But let’s back to Debra. She made her first like January 1, 2012. It was in those days when Oprah collected only about 20 likes. The next 32 months, she made another 3 Likes. From 6 October to now, she has made the rest of 2753. Every bot has its time to wake up.

Preferences of Debra were quite monotonous. She liked @WilliamShatner 323 times. Earlier she liked #savedallas 564 times in different tweets.

Naturally, she has an army of Dallas fans in her followers.

If you are tweeting like a bot, and all your friends are bots, probably, you're a bot too.

Later @realDonaldTrump has quoted @TimVincent56 with the Trump 2016 advertising.

@TimVincent56 is an extremely active person. 33.8K tweets during 31 months, more than 1K tweets per month or 33 tweets per day.

@TimVincent56 tweets something interesting for Paris Hilton bots...

… and for LilianaNM with two old men in the background.

There is the last bot for today. But maybe not the last one this week.

@missi51 is absolutely mad about pro-Trump accounts.

@missi51 is subscribed to the two lists. One of them is very interesting.

All the members of the list are pro-Trump bots. It’s exactly a part of the political botnet.

Donald Trump is on fire - the @Donaldtrumpfire has created 18 lists of pro-trump bots. As it is impossible to believe, but a bot pointed out the most active part of the botnet. We have already identified most of these accounts in during monitoring, but to find them gathered in one place was a surprise to us. Special thanks to the botnet operator.

The set of lists consists of 77 128 fake accounts. They do retweets, likes and post links for fake traffic to digital media. Yes, @Donaldtrumpfire is the link poster bot.

Do you still buy traffic from social networks?

The bot`s facts

1. Donald Trump falsifies his audience on Twitter.

2. He was not the only one who does it. We already wrote about it.

Stupid and funny questions

1. Do you want to elect a president who speaks with bots?

2. How many real people retweet him if everyone he quoted yesterday fake? What is the real audience of Donald Trump in social networks?

3. Maybe @realDonaldTrump should be the president of BOTSwana?