Chapter 13. The Harvard nightmare. Dura lex, bot lex

The true story

We have long wanted to write a story of typical bot follower. And finally, one of them turned out to be suitable, until we looked at his followers. But first things first.

It has absolute ordinary stats for the primitive bot. Just 6 tweets for the lifetime. Less 1 tweet per year. It should be very important tweets, because of he is the advocate / journalist. The account definitely used by a human operator, who every year respawns it for the following session.


2016-03-07 20-22-28 Скриншот экрана.png

How did it work?

He starts following session with Pakistani verified accounts. He prefers political, media, and bot accounts. Then he switch to US verified accounts, but still not forgot about his siblings, Pakistan bots. As a real advocate / journalist he follows top US media and Law schools. The recent 100 accounts he follows was picked by the keyword “Law” in the description. He will be the most educated lawyer bot in future.

2016-03-07 20-29-46 Скриншот экрана.png

The fashion law is the most stylish law school at Atlantic coast.

2016-03-07 20-31-21 Скриншот экрана.png

Stephen Law, Elizabeth Law and Ms Jennifer Lawrence tell us that the bot uses the keyword, not the brains for picking accounts.

2016-03-07 20-33-00 Скриншот экрана.png

The most recent accounts picked by keyword too.

2016-03-07 20-35-06 Скриншот экрана.png

Who are followers of the bot advocate? The 4th in the list and the most notable one is Karl Rove.

Karl Rove is former deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush. That is the verified account.


But this account is using back following too much. We see that the account manager increased statistics using gray SMM technology. Does Karl know that he follows protected accounts with the eggs profiles?

According to his Instagram account, Karl Rove is the very good hunter. Probably social media manager of this account would be better to hide somewhere deep in the forest.

But let us return to our botvocate. Who else follows him? His twin brother.

Or more definite, the bot from Pakistan with the same photo in profile and same kind of occupation - not advocacy but following.

The most recent follower of the advocate / journalist bot is the twitter account of Harvard Law Record. Sad bot true: @hlrecord Harvard Law School's independent student newspaper since 1946 follows fake advocate from Pakistan.

Why? Let’s take a look at the account of the respectful media in the respectful university. The counts of tweets, likes and lists are normal for the local professional press. The count of followers is normal for the large university. But what about “Following” count? Who are those 9.5K people?

Which accounts are following by Harvard Law Record? We found verified account of editor BuzzFeedUK. Maybe she is a serious lawyer. We can`t tell more about 13 accounts because they are protected, most without description. Are they lawyers undercover? The most recent account worthy of special attention.

Harvard Law Record is very interested in retweets in Arabic language from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Or Harvard Law Record can`t work without old retweets of Breaking Bad or UberFacts.

Or Harvard Law Record plans… we have no ideas why the lawyer in US may read Uberfacts on Arabic.

Let's move on to the next item.

Who are followers of Harvard Law Record? The obvious guess is that they are current and future students of Harvard Law School.

Maybe highlighted female accounts “Janel” and “Barbara” with identical picture will have the tremendous career.

The next… amm… follower...ammmmm… is… No, it is better to look at the screenshot.

Does the pack of Grand Villa accounts think, that newspaper is terminally ill and it lack of professional care?

All of you know that presidential election consists of journalist and layers battles. Spoiler: we finally come to the main topic of this article. The only place in the world, where bot-retweeter of Donald Trump can meet the bot-retweeter of Bernie Sanders is an account of Harvard Law Record.

The first account is pro-trump bot retweeter.


Trump, Trump, another Trump. All you need is Trump! Tam-ta-ta-da-da-dam!

Do you remember ”The Lion king” movie? The heir to the throne, plus the lion, plus the animals, plus the flock of bot-hyenas behind the scenes.

What did she like? The street sign with red border - message about the danger.

Let’s for a short time forget about the #MakerAmericaGreatAgain, and just try to #FeelTheBern.


@Vote_4_The_Bern reads not only Harvard Law Record, it follows 4999 accounts.

@Jack, do you have any idea, why not 5000?

It hates the establishment but follows Harvard student newspaper.

As you can see, the capitalist or socialist, using exactly the same tools to achieve their goals.

Maybe, eventually, the difference is not so large?

The first pair of the race 2016 candidates bot maybe the accident. What about the second pair of readers?

Who is responsible for the quality of Harvard Law Record`s readers? By definition should be the newspaper editor. We will not introduce you Michael because you can read his resume on Huffington Post.


Michal has followers relevant for hippie`s newspaper “Free love not war” with left political discussions.

Can we expect rebranding of Harvard Law Record because of Michael`s interests?

We have the idea of the next case for Harvard Law Record. The legal system needs to be prepared for social media fraud crimes. We found a lot of cases of digital identity stealing, using bots for imitation of popularity, using bots retweets for count manipulation.

Dear lawyers, read and you will know a lot of about the new kind of crime.

The bot`s facts

1. Karl Rove follows bots.

2. Harvard Law School's independent student newspaper since 1946 follows fake advocate from Pakistan and other fakes.

3. Political bot-retweeters are following Harvard Law Record.

The sad questions

1. Is it possible to perceive the absurd taking place in Twitter without sarcasm?

2. What is the reason for real people to follow bots?

3. How many real people retweets and likes posts of candidates of the Race 2016?

4. Who will protect society against the new kind of crime?