The true story

If you read carefully the top 100 customers bots, you should be interested in one account. It has the 37-th place in our list.

It was registered on June 2, 2015. He went to the peak of popularity in September 2015 and has since lost about 100K followers. The last tweet during the active period was made on September 18. Ater were just 2 tweets with links. First was on October 5. And the second was on December 3.

This site supports the candidate Bernie Sanders. How does it relate to him and to his election campaign? Why is he silent during the primaries?

The description has link BETONBERNIE.COM wich redirect us on

The site is more strange than the account. It has minimum information about the candidate and his platform but receive the donations. How much money did they raise? Let’s look it here: Americans Socially United

They spent more money than received. What is the model in which someone is advantageous to have a website on which you spend more than you get?

In fact, it's kind of dark story, which was described in detail by correspondent PUBLICI

We will not retell it, you can read the original. The main conclusion is Bernie Sanders broke off relations with the founder of Americans Socially United Cary Peterson in September 2015. Now site and twitter account are not related to his campaign. But it still can receive the donations!

The bot’s facts

But let us return to the analysis of the account. It`s stats is terrible.

75,6% of the audience have no description and location.

47,6% never tweet. It’s almost 400 000.

22,7% have no followers.

80,1% have less than 10 tweets.

94,6% have 20 times more friends than followers.

It has more than half of million common followers with 9 accounts.

There are Sheroz Khan, Christine Ha, Rick G. Rosner, Filippa Linnrooos, Alejandro Vigilante, SIYOVUSH DUSTOV, Kieran Upadrasta, Rabi Saha and Football Posts.

There are popular accounts, which follow the botnet we described earlier. For more details you can read about them in the Chapter 5 and Chapter 6.

Among the smaller accounts is a more interesting one. It’s our favorite Arms Industries.


98,1% of followers of this account also follow @BETONBERNIE. Is it not strange views for weapons buyers? What Bernie Sanders was talking about gun control?

Each fact situation is even more absurd. As Diogenes with his lamp, we were looking for human in this account with our methods. Also in vain, as he did.

The sad questions

1 . Why BETONBERNIE.COM aka can still receive the donations?

2 . Why did not Twitter banned the account which following by botnet only?

3 . Who made $ 90,000 donations if there were no humans?