Simulated visitors on political sites affects financial brands

On 23 February, 2017, has published the investigation how digital advertising companies stealing money from brands with imitated audience and simulated visits onpro-Trump and anti-Trump political clone sites “Profitable info dump” and “Why transparency is the death for programmatic?”

Among affected brands were financial conglomerates Santander, Chase, American Express, Mastercard (Luxury card), Visa (Co-branding Visa, Discover (Discover It), and insurance companies Liberty mutual and Gerber Life.

The lists of other affected brands


Maserati, Jeep, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, Toyota (RAV4, Yaris, Corolla), Chevrolet, Dodge RAM, Fiat, Cadillac (CMC).


Unilever (Dollar Shave Club), Quaker, Hefty, G.H.Cretors, Soylent, The Laughing Cow, La Roche-Posay.


Amazon video, World of Warships.

Information technologies

Adobe, Hewlett-Packard (Enterprise solution), Google AdWords, Dell, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft.


Financial Times, MIT Technology Review, Wall Street Journal.


Gilt, Amazon, Walmart, DOMO, ETON, Cabela’s, GAP, Adidas, Samsung, Best Buy, Apple (Beats), Foot locker (Eastbay).


Mastercard (Luxury card), Visa (Co-branding Visa, Discover (Discover It), Paypal, Santander, AIG.


Vanderbilt University, Kaplan University, Maryland University, Villanova University, Penn State University, North American University, University of North Carolina.

Government & Charity

American Association Cancer Research. Department of Health, American Red Cross.

Why transparency is the death for programmatic

Other advertisers who forced to pay for the fake audience on Mark Blatterfein's sites are Sears, Toshiba, Buick, Visa, Marriott, Honda, Nissan, Paypal, Canon, Microsoft, Intel, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (Vertica), LG, Nescafe (Dolce Gusto)... and Google.

Profitable info dump. Advertisers 2

Other advertisers who forced to pay for fake audience are Microsoft, Dell, IBM, Wall Street Journal, Financial times, UPS, General motors (“Chevrolet”).

Profitable info dump advertisers