12-letter ad fraud affects Sanofi brands

On April 5, 2017, Sadbottrue.com has published the “12-letter ad fraud” investigation. The ad fraud scheme includes more than 1000 unpronounceable 12-letters domains, that sent more than billion of simulated visitors on different sites, that have made hundreds of billions of ad views total.

Among largest recipients of simulated visitors and beneficiary of 12-letter ad fraud are The Joincom.com mixed this artificial audience and send this traffic to 5 sites. Male audience (Motorimagazine), women's fashion and lifestyle (Donnemagazine), сhildren and motherhood (Mammemagazine), and two sites for consumers with reviews of travel and various goods (Viaggiamo and Offerte shopping).

Lidocaine, Act, Unisom, Nasacort, Allegra, Xyzal video and banner ads on these 12-letter traffic ad fraud sites.

Dozens of brands were affected by 12-letters ad fraud scheme.

Pepsi UEFA Sponsorship

Procter & Gamble European brands

Audi Q2

Durex (and other Reckitt Benckiser).

Sanofi brands

Nestle brands


Booking brands