Chapter 7. Ben, I need help

The true story


Ben Jurgensen is real social media professional. His site is full of social media packages offers.

Facebook 10,000 followers on cost $60 - cheaper in comparison with Ben`s $170.

Do you need Instagram followers? Ben`s offer is double expensive than someone`s on

If we want to repeat the experiment with buying followers for @investjtravolta, we must have 5 more budget. Ben`s price for 10,000 twitter followers is $25, compare with $5 on

20$ for 5000 retweets? Why @itzbjj don`t use it?

Maybe, because it so expensive in comparison with fiverr`s competitors. You can get 40,000 retweets for 20$.

For $15 Ben can sell 5000 YouTube views, but offers 21,000 views.

YouTube subscribers by Ben are the most expensive per thousand among his offers. Why can no one sell you 1000 YouTube subscribers for $45 on One of the best purchase is just 100 subscribers for $10. This time, Ben wins! Congrats!

If your prices much higher than other, you must create the luxury image.
Ben knows marketing - he use black color for the background and offers micro packages as a test. $2 is enough to establish trust.

But if it necessary you can buy a million followers. There is a special offer for it.

The most interesting thing is FAQ. We have always been interested to know how bot sellers explain where they get so many followers.

Quote from the site`s FAQ

4) Are these followers, views, and likes real people?

Yes and no. Our method is to promote your account/link/page to real people from our Twitter account @TopRetweetMain and to help with the process we also send a mixture of "Well Profiled Accounts" to the page or link. Most of the companies that we have done this for use it as PR support behind their marketing. Often times people would rather follow someone with 15,000 followers rather than 15.

5) Can I order more?

Yes! Order as many times as you want! We hold around a half a million accounts so please order freely.

6) You gave me more Twitter Followers than what I ordered, why?

On a daily basis, people lose followers due to the security of the social media sites. This is out of our control. Since this is a regular occurrence, we as suppliers give you a bit extra in case you lose some.

The end of quote.

He owns 15 another social media related sites.

Those sites are two types: unfunctional or the same as

Excellent! We found a person who did not buy the followers of this botnet. He just sells them.

What is even more interesting, we see the possibility of buying all kinds of social media activity in one marketplace.

Amusing, prices are different, but the bots are the same as in Although some benefit from these articles. Do not buy bots in these stores, you can buy cheaper elsewhere.

If everything is so expensive, who and why buys here? We are confident that the sales take place, otherwise, this infrastructure would not exist.

Let’s once again look closely at the account. It has 88K likes. Is it just simulates the activity or his actions make sense? At first glance, the tweets in this section do not combine anything. It adds an average of 500 likes every day. It is obvious that they are done automatically, so should be the algorithm. It is clear that it is focused on English and US zone. All accounts are very different, so the similarity is in the content of the tweets. There is a set of keywords. The main one is the "school". It occurs in about 50% of the tweets. The second word is a "follower" (35%), the third is "music" (about 15%). How does it work?

For example, a child mentioned the school in his twitter. Then he sees that someone likes it. He wonders who it is, and sees an account with a million followers. Wow! Сelebrity likes me! Of course, he also wants to feel like a famous and brag to your friends at school. Simple and fast way to earn the respect of classmates is to show them how you are popular in social networks. And $20 is already sent to Ben or another seller of false glory.

The sad questions

1 . How many students bought a fake popularity in social networks?

2 . How much money is spent on it?

3 . How many places are in the net, where you can buy followers and other social media activity?